Province: Barcelona
Shire: Baix Llobregat
Inhabitants: 64077
Extension: 20,4 Km2
Altitude: 18 m

Viladecans is a municipality in the Baix Llobregat region of Barcelona. It is surrounded by a series of saws, among which we highlight the Garraf massif and the Miramar mountain range.

Many witnesses have not been found at the beginning of Viladecans, yet there is evidence of the presence of animals such as mammoths or rhinos and of manufactured tools of flint between 20,000 and 100,000 years old. After this, there is also evidence of a Roman villa, which is not clear that it was the one that ended up becoming the town of Viladecans.

Even the name of the population of Viladecans is difficult to date. It is believed that it coincided with a space that was called canis vallis or Villa de Canibus and that later will receive the name of San Juan de Viladecans, depending on a parish and property of the Monastery of Sant Cugat. After this, Viladecans went through different hands of owners and in the eighteenth century became independent from the parish of San Clemente.

During the 19th century, both Viladecans and Gavà, carried out the colonization of the Llobregat delta, with which they began to cultivate new lands. This fact made Viladecans an eminently agricultural town that has tried to maintain its identity despite the large increase in industries that have been installed within its term.

In addition, Viladecans has been a welcoming nucleus for those people who have come from outside, already in the middle of the 20th century, as well as at the end of this century and the beginning of the 21st.

From Viladecans, the Can Amat building stands out . A rural house of a wealthy family of the nineteenth century. Both inside and outside, its modernist influence becomes pal·lesa. In addition to the medieval towers of the Red Tower or the Baró Tower. Viladecans also has a group of devils to liven up the parties.

As for the environment, Viladecans has a beach located between two mouths, that of the Murtra pond and that of the Remolar, in addition to having, within its territory, the Natural Reserve of the Remolar-Philippines and a follow-up of forest itineraries.

Discover Viladecans playing!

Maybe you didn't know but Viladecans is mammoth land ! They lived here many, many years ago...

Come, play and discover Viladecans in a fun way! In which emblematic corners of the city will the mammoths hide? We count on you to solve the riddles!

From the town hall of Viladecans we have created this new city discovery game that can be played all year.

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