Province: Barcelona | Shire: Baix Llobregat | Inhabitants: 22.042 | Extension: 27,4 Km2 | Altitude: 187 m

Esparreguera's population is located in the Baix Llobregat and the left runs the river Llobregat. It is surrounded by Olesa populations of Montserrat on the east side, by Abrera in the south and Hostalets of Pierola in the west.

Although there are indications of the presence of men and women in prehistoric times and meetings to prove it was not until the late ninth century which is a document which contains the name of the population.

It seems that people are beginning to spring up around Santa Maria del Puig, where through excavations found the remains of a Romanesque chapel. In the sixteenth century with the construction of the new church neglects this. Since 1352 Esparreguera becomes part of the properties of the prior of Montserrat, until the 1835 confiscation applies Mendizabal.

The nineteenth century becomes an important century few people, because in 1860 you install a water system throughout the villa, providing it to all households. Saving, women, the expensive job of washing clothes in the laundry or fetch water to wells and fountains.

Before this, in 1846, he founded the Colonia Sedo also changed the lives of people around with its industrialization and manufacturing of fabrics, especially corduroy. But like everything, came to an end in 1981 with the severe economic crisis experienced by the industry at that time. Currently, this neighborhood has been revitalized and transformed into a museum where the main attraction is the projection of an audiovisual space that had occupied him strength turbine factory to work in the colony.

A part of the textile industry, Esparreguera also known for ceramic industry, as the land used for this work is of very good quality. We can not forget either, the sulphurous waters Puda spa worked during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, also closing in 1971 due to heavy flood. Today, Esparreguera has plenty of life thanks to the industries that are located in its parks and its proximity to the metropolitan area.

Moreover, this population is known, above all, by a large and important theatrical performance: the Passion. Staging passage drama about the life of Jesus, Mother of God and of saints.'s Passió we know today is a legacy of the "mysteries" that are represented in medieval and since 1860 is scheduled and takes out without interruption in an enclosed building. In 1983 the representation of the Passion of Esparreguera reached its most important since it was declared of national interest. You can enjoy their performances during the months leading up to the Easter holidays, when rendered normally Saturday and with a duration of morning and evening. A good option to enjoy the festivities connected with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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