Museu de les Mines de Bellmunt el Priorat Bellmunt del Priorat

Carretera de la Mina, s/n Bellmunt del Priorat

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The Bellmunt del Priorat Mine Museum, located in the former industrial complex of the Eugenia Mine, is an interpretation center for lead mining in the Priorat region.

The Museo de las Minas offers visitors the opportunity to enter the galleries on the first floor of the Eugenia mine. The visit to the mine allows you to learn first-hand about the history of the Eugenia mine, the working techniques used in the mines and the working conditions of the miners.

The visit to the mine is always guided, and its duration is approximately 45 minutes. Each visit admits a maximum of 30 people.

Before doing the guided tour of the mine, it is advisable to have visited the permanent exhibition of the Museum, as well as to have seen the audiovisual, which is projected before each visit to the mine.

The visit is suitable for all audiences. There is no minimum age to be able to visit the mine.

How is a visit to the mine?

The visit is a walking tour that begins in the middle of the surface facilities of the mine, to then access the first floor, located 35 meters deep, through the stairs of the old emergency exit of the mine.. Once inside, there is a journey of about 700 meters through different galleries during which you can appreciate the mineralogical wealth of the subsoil, the working techniques and the hard work of the miners. At the end of the visit, you return to the surface without having to climb stairs, since you go directly to the old terroir of the mine, and then walk back to the Museum facilities. The temperature inside the mine oscillates between 16-18º C throughout the year.

Conditions of the visit

  • The use of a helmet is mandatory.
  • The visit is always guided, with the Museum staff.
  • Taking pictures (without a tripod) is allowed.
  • No unauthorized filming of any kind is permitted.
  • No food or drink can be entered.
  • You can not smoke.
  • The entry of animals is not allowed.

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