Museu de la colònia Vidal de Puig-Reig Puig-reig

Plaça de la Puríssima, s/n Colònia Vidal Puig-reig

From the factory you can see the dam and the channel that diverted the water from the Llobregat. You can also see the turbine and the steam engine. In the nave of the looms the most significant textile machinery of the cotton processing process is shown: the continuous spinning and the garrote looms. From the working-class colony there is a worker's flat, the school, the library, the cinema, the Caja de Manresa branch, the fish market, showers and laundries.

The buildings that form the colony are distributed in three groups, according to their functions. At the foot of the river, the industrial complex. Separated from each other are the residential complex with the house of the owners and the director and, on the other, the working-class colony, with the dwellings, the services, the cultural buildings and the leisure spaces.

The Colonia Vidal Museum also offers a bar and restaurant service (this is arranged by groups).


  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Guided tour at 11am.
  • August, guided tour every day at 11am.
  • Visits arranged every day between 9 and 15h.

The first Saturday of each month at 11am the visit is theatrical.

How to get there

  • Highway C-16, Km. 78

System of the Museum of Science and Technique of Catalonia. A national museum spread throughout the country

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