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El Lluçanès is located in Central Catalonia, just over 1 hour from Barcelona.

Perched on a plateau, it is a serene territory, dotted with small rural towns, with a quiet life, slow clocks to live without haste, where you can enjoy local products and traditional cuisine.

Iberians, Romans, witches and bandits, shepherds and transhumant herds, wars between the French and the Carlists... have forged the Lluçanès of today. Traces that are recognized in the territory, in heritage and customs, legends, traditions and living festivals.

Fairs, festivals and markets fill lively streets with kind, genuine and simple people who love their land.

The Llucanes seeks good travelers. A responsible and discreet tourism that directly benefits the local community and helps to preserve the singularities of the territory, culture and identity.

Come and discover Lluçanès!

natural llucanès

Wavy plateaus, colored mountains, springs and streams. Landscapes and colors that change to the rhythm of the seasons. Flowery and fresh springs. Summers of sun and joy. Reddish and sheltered autumns. Winters of clear rain and chimneys. A serene and clear landscape, environment and nature that must be preserved and respected.

Lluçanès active

Outdoor activities, physical activity and sport are combined in different options to carry out: races, family itineraries, routes, hiking, BTT, workshops and guided tours, activities to discover the environment, heritage, or agri-food routes, await you in the Lluçanès!

heritage and culture

A rich and diverse heritage dotted with churches, hermitages, chapels, sanctuaries, medieval bridges, castles, altarpieces, collections, museums and unique buildings; Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical heritage, form a rich and diverse range of emblematic elements of our land.

identity and traditions

Customs, festivals, legends and traditions of yesterday have forged the Lluçanès of today. Transhumance, witchcraft, banditry, beliefs and history have left us traces of our living identity: dances and dances, fairs, meetings, major festivals and unique elements.

Fairs and markets

The centuries-old, historical and deep-rooted fairs, which are held annually, tell us about the region's livestock origin: the transhumance fair of Santa Creu de Jutglar, the Jovent d'Alpens fair, the Hostal del Vilar fair in San Agustín de Lluçanès or the fairs of Sant Jaume and Santa Lucía de Prats de Lluçanès, are witnesses of transhumant activity in Lluçanès. Dedicated to the world of muleteers we find the Candelaria fair in Perafita, where the internship and horse racing stand out, and related to the environment and sustainability, the Sant Bartomeu del Grau Nature and Mountain fair.

The lively streets of the Lluçanès villages are filled with colors and smells through markets such as the Prats de Lluçanès weekly Sunday market, documented at the end of the 17th century, 1681.


A whole world of sports, gastronomic, cultural and musical activities allow you to experience Lluçanès to the fullest throughout the year! Put them on the agenda and don't miss them!


A good network of rural accommodation awaits you in apparitions, restored sheds and manor houses that offer spacious areas to spread out, a quiet environment of fields and cattle and coexistence with families and agricultural work. Direct contact with the people, the landscape and the land make it the best way to get closer to the reality of the region.

It also has apartments and houses for tourist use, small hotels, hostels, inns and pensions, a couple of campsites and a summer camp, all of them spread throughout the territory.

Bars and restaurants

Our restaurants offer good cuisine and different styles behind the stove: from traditional and home cooking, to author's cuisine covered in creativity and imagination, where you can taste high quality local and zero kilometer products.

TASTE the Lluçanès

Local shops

Lluçanès has a large assortment of local agri-food products produced and prepared by the people of our region and which can be found in various local businesses: bakeries, butchers, butchers, fruit shops, wineries, small village supermarkets and grocery stores Buy Lluçanès products and promote local trade.

Unique products

The singular products of Lluçanès stand out for their unique characteristics. They are products rooted in our territory due to the tradition and quality of all of them, such as Sommala, wheat, green tomatoes or Oristà chickpeas!

Agricultural products

Having a pantry of products as diverse and rich as that offered by Lluçanès is a very precious asset and a privilege typical of a small, large territory. Lluçanès has been able to preserve and renew farming and food artisans and preserve traditional cuisine. Lluçanès is a living land.


A territory that bets on local, artisanal and quality products thanks to the work of people linked to the world of farming, livestock and the production of products so that the food reaches the optimal point of freshness and proximity.

Food routes

A journey to discover the origin of food, from the field to the table. Get to know the territory, the farmhouses, the farms, the workshops and taste their products from the hands of the producers and makers of bread, sausages, milk or cheese. A pleasure for all the senses!


Route of the Milk in Lluçanès

Turisme Lluçanès

The Lluçanès viewpoints

Turisme Lluçanès

The jewels of the Romanesque of Lluçanès

Turisme Lluçanès

Clue game: Simona the archaeologist in Lluçanès

Turisme Lluçanès

Puig Ciutat, a Roman site

Turisme Lluçanès

Bread and durum wheat route

Turisme Lluçanès

Perot Rocaguinarda Interpretation Center

Turisme Lluçanès

Escape Room - Perot Rocaguinarda

Turisme Lluçanès

Route of the Forge in Lluçanès

Turisme Lluçanès

Lluçanès on horseback

Turisme Lluçanès


Flame of the Canigó in Sant Feliu Sasserra


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