Route with Josep Pla

Route with Josep Pla

Josep Pla i Casadevall is considered one of the best writers Catalan history, his work, thirty thousand pages of prose, is one of the most read in Catalan and has been translated into eight languages. Follow your path will allow us to see places around Europe, from Catalonia to a large number of European capitals where he lived Pla practicing as a journalist and where collected moments and words to fill their books descriptions. But we will focus on his life in Catalonia, thoroughly know Palafrugell, the village where he was born as well as wonderful places of the Costa Brava, such as Calella and Llafranc, which thoroughly reflected in its literature.

(Palafrugell, 1897 - Llofriu Mas Pla, 1981)

Palafrugell, the first steps of Josep Pla

Josep Pla i Casadevall

For the environment where the writer and journalist born we we move Palafrugell , the city where Pla later began to cultivate devotion to literature highlighting in school for his prodigious memory, reading and writing.

First we head to the Nou carre birthplace of the writer. At number 51 we find Josep Pla Foundation, responsible for the dissemination of the author's work and management of the permanent exhibition, located in the interior of the house where, at number 49 on the same street. This exhibition consists of a visual and a walk inside the house as we learn about writer in all streams, literary, journalistic, political and personal. After an hour's visit, approximately, we can walk the streets planianas of Palafrugell , the carrer Estret, Plaça de Can Mario, Carrer Pi i Margall, Plaça de l'Església, Cavallers carrer, the Plaça Nova and finally approach Can Bech gardens where the monument by sculptor Manel Cusachs Mataro, which Palafrugell dedicated to writer 1984.

With twelve years, the author left Palafrugell to go to Girona to study high school and then to Barcelona where he graduated in Law with registration. However, he never forgot his hometown or his environment, and also to devote many palaras finished reliving it, at Mas Pla de Llofriu.

The landscapes of the Catalan coast planianos

Monument to Josep Pla

Once the visit of Palafrugell we drive to the sea to Calella . We will approach the playa Pla Josep Canadell where vacationing with his family, and the Port Bo, core business of the town. Calella de Palafrugell is one of the quintessential tourist towns of Catalonia by the charm of its old and sandy beaches that create cozy coves, and is widely known for its Habanera Festival held in early summer. Fishing by Calella and nearby ports were part of everyday Pla's youth and left a detailed testimony in their literature.

Far de Sant Sebastia (Palafrugell)

Once known Calella de Palafrugell suggest you take the coastal path to Llafranc to finish up the Lighthouse Sant Sebastià. The walk, always by the sea and with magnificent views, has two kilometers, is considered of little difficulty and is clearly marked by red and white lines of the GR. Considering only the first leg, we're done in an hour.

The open sea views from the lighthouse of Sant Sebastia, leaving the work described in Pla. They would be the first steps of the central theme of his prose, the description of landscapes as well as trades, customs and cuisine of many places where they would travel. This descriptive style of Josep Pla has served as documentation for the modus vivendi of the twentieth century.

For those that you have time and inclination to delve deeper into the places planianos, you can follow the Catalan coast north and visit the Estartit , the scale and Cadaqués , places that have hosted Josep Pla in some moments of his life and where he and other artists such as Salvador Dalí, took the beautiful landscapes to enhance their creations.

The interior of the Baix Empordà with Pla

Josep Pla viewpoint

Near Palafrugell , inland, also keep the memory of Josep Pla. We will approach Pals taking the C-66 to the north and turning off to the right following signs to this town, where an old kernel perfectly preserved medieval character and welcome us where we can see a wonderful view to go to the viewpoint Josep Pla Thanks to the unique situation of this town at the top of Gros Quermany.

Finally go to Llofriu , also by the C-66 to the north and turning off to the left following signs to the town, where Josep Pla ended his days at Mas Pla de Llofriu, a small village near Palafrugell . We can come to this town, to see the house and visit the cemetery where the author is buried.

Josep Pla in the network

Josep Pla i Casadevall For those who want to deepen the work of Pla, besides being able to buy their books at any bookstore, I propose to do differently, visiting the blog

This blog is updated daily, following the chronology used by Josep Pla in his diary, the gray quadern from day March 8, 2008. We invite you to visit to read slowly what is considered a masterpiece of Catalan writer.

You can also visit the website of the Fundació Josep Pla.

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