L'Espai Gastronomia Tossa de Mar

Plaça de l'Església, 2B, Tossa de Mar
Contact hi@lespai.com

A place to enjoy food and art in a town that enjoys food and art.

L'Espai is a creative space in Tossa de Mar. Where laughter, festivity and gastronomy take place around a large table. A space to share food and stories and to participate in simple but meaningful moments. L'Espai has been created around this concept: celebrating the Mediterranean lifestyle.

What do we do

  • Private events, celebrations, banquets, soirees, appetizers, whatever you want to call it. We create your private event. We do it by giving it a personalized spin to make it truly special. Choose the event format that you like the most and we will design it for you.
  • Public events. There are dates that inspire us to set up certain gastronomic experiences. Other times we just ride them because we feel like it.
  • tastings We believe that if we never try new things, we'll never really know what we like best. Cheeses, sausages, beers and, above all, wines.
  • Workshops. Learn to cook new things or just have a good time playing with food. Get to know the gastronomy from here and there and take the recipes with you in a nice little book. Then we'll sit at a big table and eat it all.
  • Products. Let's reinvent the souvenir concept by taking home quality products, products made with care and that have a local soul. We choose original products that share our vision of the artisan trade.
  • art. Tossa de Mar has always been a town of artists. And always will be. We promote local art by exhibiting works at L'Espai, where we also organize exhibitions.
  • boxes. A pack with everything you need to prepare a special meal with quality ingredients and lots of love. We have different recipes of different types of gastronomy. Receive the box at home along with a nice postcard with the detailed recipe.
  • As you can see, L'Espai is a versatile place, designed to accommodate different activities. Propose your idea and we will help you organize everything so that it turns out perfect.

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