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Province: Girona | Shire: Baix Empordà | Inhabitants: 22.622 | Extension: 26,9 Km2 | Altitude: 64 m

Palafrugell is a municipality with more than 20,000 inhabitants located in the Baix Empordà region. The city forms the administrative nucleus, in the interior, and near the coast the nuclei of Llafranc, Calella and Tamariu, which are currently active tourist centers, in addition to the nucleus of Llofriu, at the foot of the Gavarres, and the neighbors of Santa Margarita and Ermedàs halfway to the sea and the plain where the city is located.

Located between the easternmost foothills of the Gavarres and the mountains of Begur, the lands that make up the current nucleus of Palafrugell were from time immemorial a swampy place where water abounded and there was a scarcity of any type of habitat. The oldest in the municipality is located in the Torrents area, in Llafranc, where we can still see the Can Mina dolmen.

A privileged location, on the head of San Sebastian, an imposing mountain that falls 165 meters above the sea at its highest point, favored the establishment of a small Iberian settlement in the 6th century BC. From there, the Iberians controlled the sea, but also the interior lands. The archaeological excavations have discovered huge silos, a significant element of the site, which demonstrate the importance of agriculture for its inhabitants, as well as livestock and especially fishing. They also highlighted other activities, such as the exploitation of quarries, crafts and trade with Greek and Italic peoples as evidenced by the numerous pieces of import that have been located.

Its natural environment is dominated, essentially, by the Gavarres massif and the Begur mountains, which are protected areas since they are sites of Natural interest that are within the Plan of the Generalitat (PEIN). However, the coast is also that rugged which has led to the formation of many coves and capes, such as Cabo de San Sebastián.

In this town you can find Cultural Interest Goods cataloged by the Generalitat of Catalonia; These are the Torre de San Sebastián (watchtower built in the 15th century), the Torre de Can Mario (a reservoir regulating the water pressure) and the Port Bo Beach.


Llofriu is a population center of Palafrugell. It is located to the north of the municipality and it extends by the plain of Llofriu, to the east. The old town of Llofriu is an interesting set of popular architecture, dated between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. The form the set of houses that surround the parish church of Sant Fruitós de Llofriu.

Can Bassa stands out in the center , a building dating from 1889, in a popular neoclassical style, a private residence of the Bassa Rocas.


Llafranc is a population center of the municipality of Palafrugell located on a rocky coast. From the Roman past, the village preserves the vestiges of what was a wine press and a winery very close to the church of Santa Rosa, located on a small promontory, where archaeological excavations have discovered the oldest dwellings of the site. In 1980 archaeologists made a spectacular and unique discovery in Catalonia: 78 crude tiles from Roman times abandoned before cooking.

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella is a population center of the municipality of Palafrugell and is one of the few on the Costa Brava that still retains the charm that was breathed in the villages of the area before mass tourism arrived (narrow streets, whitewashed houses on the roof tiled roof). Although you can find some traditional fishermen's houses on two floors. The old fishing village is located on a rocky coast, dotted with small coves.

In summer, on the first Saturday of July on the beach of Port Bo, the Recital de Habaneras takes place , which has become one of the most important in Spain.


Tamariu is a population center of the municipality of Palafrugell. Formerly it was a nucleus of fishermen around the cove of Tamariu, but from the 80s, and thanks to the affluence of tourism in the area, it has become a summer center. It is characterized by narrow streets derived from the first fishermen's houses and urbanization derived from mass tourism.

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