Museu Arxiu Tomàs Balvey Cardedeu

Doctor Daurella,1 Cardedeu

The museum preserves the whole Pharmacy Balvey, original furnishings 1780 and 200 of 1827 ceramic albarelos. In addition to a garden dedicated to medicinal plants.

On the top floor of the museum is housed exposure Balvey Tomas collector, where a sample of each of the collections Balvey Tomas constituted throughout his life.

The Museu Arxiu Balvey Tomas Cardedeu-matBC-is located in the Casal. Dr. Daurella, former summer residence of the family Daurella, located in the center of Cardedeu in an urban area characterized by the presence of buildings and towers of various bourgeois family holiday in Barcelona in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The museum is named after its founder, Tomas Balvey, last member of a long lineage of apothecaries Cardedeu documented since the XVII century.

The fund consists of matBC various collections, the most unique of which is rural pharmacy Balvey descent and, together with the rural pharmacy Llívia Esteve, are the oldest in Europe. The set consists of the original furniture from 1780, and has over two hundred albarelos imperial style ceramic, 1827.

The museum tour of matBC revolves around collecting, pharmacy and office of botecario. The museum has a garden, dedicated to medicinal plants, which is presented as a living outdoor exhibitions, complementing the museum's central theme: the welfare, health and remedies.

The Museu Arxiu Balvey Tomas has a long history and a solid track record, is a museum with a strong attachment to the land and working to preserve, recover and tell the history and heritage from exhibitions, events, workshops and sightseeing.

Museum Des organize tours around the historic center relating to art, architecture and history of the town, give the Gothic to modernist towers summer. From the houses and towers surrounded by garden civil architecture and the architect Manuel Joaquim funeral Raspall (1877-1937).

Walks Cardedeu natural environments, with the help of specialists to learn and recognize the geology, medicinal plants, birds or mushrooms in our area.

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