Summer Modernism in the Ametlla del Vallès

Summer Modernism in the Ametlla del Vallès

L'Ametlla del Vallès, located between the valleys of the Congost and the Tenes, had been under the control of the castle of Montbui in its medieval origins. With a rural and dispersed settlement, the central nucleus of the population began to form towards century XVI, near the church. Its rural character was not transformed until the beginning of the 20th century, when it became a summer resort and, later, a center for second residences.

The residential character of the municipality was reinforced with the urban and architectural projects of MJ Raspall, municipal architect of the Ametlla from 1906, just finished the race, until the year 1912. The works of the architect in this population correspond in their first stage, considered the more modernist, with reforms and new constructions as outstanding as Can Millet, the Café or the Town Hall.

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Can Millet de Baix

Located between the road of Puiggraciós s / n, date of 1908. Can Xammar, old masía of the XIV century, was bought in 1907 by Joan Millet, cotton industrialist and brother of Lluís Millet, co-founder of the Orfeó Catalán. In 1908, the architect MJ Raspall made the reform of the estate in a clear modernist style to turn it into a summer residence for the Millet family.

Moncau house

In 1907, Joan Millet commissioned the architect Raspall to reform the old Casa Moncau, receding the façade on the corner, to better access by car on his farm Can Xammar de Dalt, today Can Millet. It is located on Calle Mayor, 6.

Staircase and church gardens

r219_escala_esglesia Between 1911 and 1912 the cemetery was removed, which was located in front of the entrance of the church, and the space was urbanized, according to MJ Raspall's project, with a wide plaza and some staircases with a curved railing.

Reform of Can Bachs

Can Bachs, in the old Vella square, preserves the 16th century farmhouse typology, with a timid intervention by the architect Cepillo in 1905, in which he built a tower and an annex roof, with a brick exposed railing. The house is located on Calle Mayor, 12

Cal Barber

Calle de la Torregassa, 5. First work of architect Raspall in the village, commissioned by Jaume Alerm and Monrós to install a barber shop. The facade
it was unfinished, but it highlights the window of the ground floor, with an iron railing and some stained glass windows in the upper part with the name of the house with fully modernist graffiti.

Casa-café Dr. baja

r219_cafe Calle de Torregassa, 5. Café and residence of Dr. Sebastián Bassa and Barbany, doctor and mayor of L'Ametlla from 1902 to 1915 and promoter of the urban transformation of the town as a summer resort. The Café is the work of architect Raspall and one of the best examples of its architecture for locals.

City council and schools

r219_escoles Plaza del Ayuntamiento, s / n. Joint formed by a building destined to city council and two annexed lateral bodies destined to public schools, one for boys and another one for girls, constructed between 1910 and 1913, at the moment dedicated all to City council. The set is part of the widening project of the Ametlla, carried out by Raspall towards 1906.

Villa Lola

Sebastian Bassa Street, 7. Unknown architect, dates from 1911, the tower is known by the nickname "the house of Pincha", by the unique roof of the tower. It was the summer residence of a merchant from Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century.

Source: City Council of L'Ametlla del Vallès

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