The Dali Triangle

The Dali Triangle

The route offers you is a tribute to a historical Catalan, international, rebel, maverick, eccentric, indiscreet, malicious ... and many other adjectives that describe him as a unique character that has marked the history of Catalan art.

Dali and his art

Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by Her Own Chastity Dalí was a man of a single record, although most only know him for his painting and sculpture. Dali wanted to be an artist in every sense, explore all paths, being a sort of Leonardo Da Vinci S.XX.

Dalí explored the fields of painting and sculpture but also of writing, film, book illustrations, and even in the field of journalism with their particular stories. His ideas were reflected in different articles in various journals, many artistic, throughout his life, where you can appreciate their creative and literary evolution.

In addition, he also stressed in advertising task linked to journalism. Curiously, one of the most important contributions in this field was the realization logo lollipop, which he described as: is round and lasts much (referring to the product itself, but the logo has followed in his footsteps).

Finalment, its milestones in design realized in the field of fashion and jewelery, developed basically for Gala. Samples may discover this facet along the route.

The route

The Great Masturbator (Salvador Dali) The Dalí triangle (or triangle Dalinià) is a sign of the importance it had in Dali landscape around him in the Empordà and embodied in their works, passing before its dream strainer particular.

These lands were a great inspiration to Dalí, but today is Dali who has left so deep an impression on them that, year after year, increase those interested in his life and he wrapped everything: the Museum in Figueres, his Portlligat House and the Palace of Púbol, the three points that make up the route that we present this month.

The Dali Museum

Casa-Museu Dalí (Figueres) The Dali Museum in Figueres , is the point of the route visited by those interested in the world Dali. Located on the ruins of the former Figueres theater destroyed during the Civil War, and Dali decided to use for the location of the museum for three reasons which he revealed: "primarily because he was an eminently theatrical painter, secondly, because the theater was in front of the church where he was baptized and finally, it was in the lobby of the same theater where he gave his first shows paint ".

In the Theatre-Museum, you can see the core of the whole Dali museum in Catalonia, ie some of the most important paintings and sculptures that, for technical reasons and conservation have not been able to keep in the house or Portlligat Púbol Castle and that there have been no other contemporary museums in the world outside Catalonia. The space consists of 22 rooms set around a central courtyard with Dalí decorated by elements of the artist will be permanently exhibited in the museum, like the Cadillac Plujós. Note the Mae West room, a room that recreates the face of the actress from items of furniture designed by Dali, and the glass dome in the center of the museum, a symbol of identity for Figueres .

Sala Mae West (Museu Dalí)

Besides Dalí works, the museum also find works of other artists such as Antoni Pitxot or Evarist Vallès, along with Dali's private collection including pieces by El Greco, Fortuny, Urgell, Meissonier, Duchamp, Dou and Bourguereau.

Finally remember that next to the museum, since 2001, you can visit the exhibition Dalí Jewels, setting out his designs, he said, "had to be exposed, because without the presence of spectators, jewelry not get meet the function for which they were created and have no life. " On this visit you can admire 39 designs of gold and precious stones and sketches that were made to perform.

The house Portlligat

Portlligat House (Salvador Dali)

Next to Cadaqués , where Dali village had spent long periods during his childhood and youth in Portlligat , is the house where Dali and Gala (his life and muse) took up residence since 1930 and where the artist worked regularly until 1982. After Gala's death, Dalí moved in Pubol Castle.

The house can be visited from 1997, is made from the union of different houses of fishermen Gala Dalí i were buying at different times and which form a labyrinth. Visitors can discover the artist's workshop, your room, the garden and pool, the oval room (room with amazing acoustics that Dali gave to Gala for peace of mind i relalx when he was receiving guests at home), or a terrace overlooking the Bay of Portlligat , among others.

Púbol Castle

Púbol és a small town that is going in the direction of Bisbal d'Empordà . From the village you can see the castle, surrounded by fields. Although this is the point of the unknown route, it is an essential place to learn more about the life of Dalí.

Púbol Castell (Salvador Dali) Púbol Castle Gala Dalí bought it after having promised years ago to give her a castle, but without any intention of actually doing it. In the end, Gala upbraided him and he decided to buy it. Gala wanted the castle to spend your summer periods and rest of his life tireless Portlligat , where Dali always brought people home and kept to organize parties. The Castle will serve to enjoy the solitude he craved and which took advantage to take their mistresses. Only those who could get an invitation they had expressed it, even Dali.

Gard Púbol Castell (Salvador Dali) Dalí bought this castle after watching other castles in the area and although this was in a pretty sorry state, Dalí bought it. It is a Gothic castle was owned by the barons of Pubol and that, therefore, its historical interest is twofold. Unlike the Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Dalí did not add his own element on the facade of the building, but he did inside. When Gala died in Portlligat , took his Cadillac to the castle where he is buried in the Delme-Crypt. Since then, he spent his last years there. The museum opened in 1996 and inside we find paintings and drawings that Dalí gave Gala, sculptures that decorate the garden, the collection of dresses designed by Dalí Gala, a workshop, a piano room, the Cadillac, one Mayor rug that Púbol gave newcomers when they bought the castle ...

As a curious note, detailed Dalí personally say that the castle had to be visited in the future and arranged it with instructions to follow, such as the music should sound (Wagner).

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