Meet the famous Catalan characters

Meet the famous Catalan characters

Throughout its history, Catalonia has seen the birth and forging of the figure of historical figures and great intellectuals, wise men and women who have stood out in fields as diverse as literature, painting, music, architecture, medicine, among many others.

His legacy still lives on among us, the buildings of our cities, at the bottom of libraries and through museums and centers that recover his life and work to put it in value and pay tribute there. Many of them, misunderstood in their time to go a step beyond the canons and norms of the time, disappeared without recognition.

In this section we want to help you understand and discover how the work and biography of these people, men and women turned into celebrities, are linked to Catalonia through routes, museums, activities that show you the spaces that inspire them, where they grew up, or they lived and built their refuge of creation.

Picassian places in Horta de Sant Joan

Picasso brings to Horta de San Juan a great element of cultural heritage. There are many visitors who come attracted by the international projection that the artist…

Route The emotional landscape of Joan Miró in Mont-roig del…

"The emotional landscape of Joan Miró" is a tour of the places in Mont-roig del Camp that Joan Miró painted in his paintings, identified locations,…

Francesc de Verntallat, the path of the Remensas

This route takes us back more than 500 years ago, when many Catalan farmers subjected to conditions of slavery and certain feudal customs, known as misusos, rebelled…

Picasso's Cave

Pablo Picasso lived for a while in the ports, from June 1898 to January 1899, where he often slept in a cave with his friend, the son of Horta Manuel Pallares.…

Itinerary Jujol in Sant Joan Despí

In Sant Joan Despí we find one of the most important legacies of the architecture of Josep Maria Jujol Gibert. He can be considered "such an artist" because…

Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspired

Signposted route of 7 km. The Miró hiking trail starts at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rock and ends at the Mas Miró through places that were inspired…

Miquel Martí i Pol literary route

The life of Miquel Martí i Pol and part of his verses are totally linked to this Osonenca town, since that was where he opened his eyes, where he studied,…

The Dali Triangle

The route offers you is a tribute to a historical Catalan, international, rebel, maverick, eccentric, indiscreet, malicious ... and many other adjectives…

Route through Mont-Roig del Camp

"All my work is conceived in Mont-roig." The appointment is neither more nor less than Joan Miró, universal Catalan, and the town to which it refers, Mont-roig…

Pau Casals route for El Vendrell

The figure of Pau Casals is unique. It is a figure able to lead us to very important moments in the history of Catalonia. Pau Casals is not simply a cellist. It…

Picasso's Way from Berguedà to Cerdanya

In the spring of 1906 the painter Pablo Picasso, encouraged by a friend who knew the town, settled in Gósol. For two and a half months, the people and landscapes…


Museu Abelló de Mollet del Vallès

Mollet del Vallès

The Abelló Museum hosts two permanent exhibitions: one dedicated to the Foundation's…

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Casa Museu Verdaguer


One of the oldest literary museums in Catalonia, it is the home…

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Fundació Palau

Caldes d'Estrac

Discover the life and work of Josep Palau i Fabra, one of…

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Fundació / Casa Miquel Martí i Pol

Roda de Ter

The Foundation's permanent exhibition reveals the life and work of Miquel Martí…

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29/06/2022 ...

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