Casa de colònies El Company, Fundesplai Vilanova de Sau

Capacity: 70 | Casa de colònies El Company, N-141d, s/n, 08519 Vilanova de Sau, Barcelona Vilanova de Sau

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The Company is located in the municipality of Vilanova de Sau, in the Osona region.

This majestic farmhouse has been restored several times and is surrounded by farm fields and forests of holm oaks. The legends, history and mysterious nature of the Guilleries give the house all its charm. In addition, it is a sustainable colony house with Biosphere Certification. We invite you to read our responsible tourism policy.

An ideal place for hiking, exploring the forest, listening to the birds, doing family activities, going to camps and much more!


  • Summer activities for children and young people
  • AMPA/AFA Colonies
  • Colonies team building entities
  • Colonies and school activities
  • Colonies or recreation camps
  • Lunch and spend the day
  • Family holidays and weekends
  • Family vacation with dog

Colony House

It is a colony house that offers private rooms and full board! In addition, it also has living rooms, television, fireplace, environmental education classrooms, heating, summer pool and other amenities. It is the ideal place for any type of service or activity.

Our cooking menus follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet, based on homemade and healthy cooking. We use fresh and seasonal products, giving preference to local, ecological products and with a focus on social responsibility. We also prepare special menus for those people with allergies, intolerances or who are vegetarians.

We also offer party menus for all kinds of celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays and other special events.


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