Terracotta Museu de Ceràmica La Bisbal d'Empordà

Sis d’octubre, 99 La Bisbal d'Empordà
Contact reserves.terracotta@labisbal.cat
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The purpose of the Terracotta Museum of Ceramics is to preserve and disseminate the scientific, technical and industrial heritage of Bisbalean ceramics, to publicize the particular industrialization process that occurred within the specific scope of action, to promote knowledge of current science and technique and to backbone scientific and technical museology in relation to the aspect of industrialization that is explained.

The fact that the Museum's headquarters is located in an industrial building makes it possible to highlight and integrate into the museum discourse a series of architectural elements characteristic of the production: earth-straining ponds, chimneys, clay and slip deposits, ovens...; Without a doubt, the preservation and enhancement of these elements makes Terracotta one of the most unique cultural facilities in our region.

The permanent exhibition is designed to capture the importance that ceramic manufacturing has had and still has in the history and today of La Bisbal, the great variety of pieces that have been produced and the great quality of the Bisbal master potters. The museography wants to highlight, on the one hand, the building itself and, on the other, allow to value the exhibited collections that will be at the service of the enjoyment and information of our visitors. A communication space that provides a new perspective to the visitor, establishing a dialogue with the history and the material and intangible ceramic heritage of our town and, by extension, of our country.

Concepts such as current affairs, contemporaneity and transversality inspire the policy of temporary exhibitions of the, which takes place in four different spaces: the Temporary Exhibition Hall, the Espai “Actualitat”, the Espai “La Peixera” and the Espai "El Forn". Each room has a different temporality and thematic specialization, which allows the simultaneous programming of a wide range of exhibition proposals, so that each new visit to the Museum is a unique experience.

The success and interest of the programming carried out so far has resulted in the perception of the museum as a living cultural facility, allowing the institution to position itself as one of the most important ceramic museums in the country.


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