Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

Plaça de l'Arenal, Miravet Miravet
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Tarvitur is an initiative for cultural guides in Terres de l'Ebre and the Tarragona region. Vicens, historian and Official Tourism Guide of Catalonia, will lead you through these places with the hope of awakening new emotions in you. It invites you to discover cultural areas of stories and legends linked to unique landscapes, while you will taste the artisan and local products.

The Visits - Programmed Experiences are offered throughout the year, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Also on weekdays, when there is a minimum number of participants.


  • Local pottery with artisan demonstration (optional).
  • Head of the Villa de Miravet.
  • Old Church.
  • Miravet Templar castle.
  • Tasting at Palau Miravet, Joaquim Mir art center.


  • Old Town of Corbera d'Ebre (audio visual).
  • Level 402, refuge and republican trenches.
  • Camposines Memorial, space for mourning.
  • Mora de Ebro, Ebro pass.
  • Tasting of local products.


  • Tivissa old town.
  • Walk through the nature of San Blas (optional).
  • Iberian archaeological site Castellet de Banyoles.
  • Tasting of local products.


  • Artur Blade route in Benissanet.
  • Air Raid Shelter of the Font Gran Audiovisual.

Orchard of San Juan.

  • Old town.
  • Church of Saint John the Baptist.
  • Picasso Center.
  • Convent of San Salvador.


  • Modernist winery and wine tasting.
  • Historic Center and Church of the Assumption.
  • Coll del Moro Archaeological Park.

Cardón Valley ( Rasquera )

  • Cardó Valley and old Spa (outside guided tour).
  • Historical review and legends of the Convent and Spa.
  • Route of the Hermitages ( Hermitage of the Column ).
  • Tasting of local products.

Mora of Ebro.

  • Mora d'Ebre old town
  • Mora d'Ebre Castle.
  • Wine tasting and local products.

FLOWERING in the Ribera d'Ebre (spring).

  • Peach and Cherry Flowering Route
  • Spaces Battle of the Ebro.
  • Tasting of local products.


It is essential to reserve a place and check availability to participate in the guided tours and routes of Tarvitur.

Tours are offered in Catalan, Spanish and French.

The visits are not suitable for people with reduced mobility, since many spaces are not adapted.


Other Visits - Concerted experiences are offered by small groups of participants, by cultural groups, friends or educational centers, to the same destinations that we usually program and to other destinations in the Tarragona region such as: Cartuja de Escaldei, Tortosa, Castell Monasterio de Escornalbou, Monastery of Santes Creus, Roman and Medieval Tarragona, Modernist Reus and Montblanc.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: GT-002666


Experience "Castle Monastery of Escornalbou"

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

The experience includes: Guided visit to the Castle Monastery of Sant Miquel de Escornalbou. Guided tour of the Paseo and Hort dels Frares. Oil tasting at the Riudecanyes…

Horta, the spirituality of the ports and Picasso

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

The experience includes: Guided tour of the Villa de Horta de Sant Joan. Guided visit to the Church of Sant Joan Baptista. Visit to the Picasso Center. Guided visit…

The silence of the Ebro - Spaces Battle of the Ebro

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

The experience includes: Guided tour of Poble Vell de Corbera d'Ebre (audiovisual). Guided visit to Height 402, refuge and republican trenches. Guided visit to…

The Order of the Temple in Miravet - Castle Temple

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

THE EXPERIENCE   INCLUDES: Visit to a local Pottery with artisan demonstration (optional). Guided tour of the Cabo de la Villa de Miravet. Guided visit to…

Cardó Valley and old Spa - Route of the Hermitages

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

THE CARDÓ VALLEY EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Arrival at the Hermitage of Sant Domingo, with panoramic views of the Ribera d'Ebre. Guided tour of the Cardó…

Tivissa - Iber Castellet de Banyoles Village

Tarvitur Visites Guiades Miravet

THE TIVISSA EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Guided tour of the old town of Tivissa. Walk through the nature of Sant Blai (optional). Guided visit to the Iberian archaeological…

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