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Province: Tarragona | Shire: Tarragonès | Inhabitants: 134.833 | Extension: 65,2 Km2 | Altitude: 68 m

Images: © Txell Roig – Film Office

Tarragona is a city with great personality, a city with pure Mediterranean essence, with a two-thousand-year Roman past recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Tarragona is living heritage, gastronomy, nature and culture. A city on the move 365 days a year, with multiple activities capable of arousing emotions in a destination that invites you to get to know and discover it in a leisurely, unhurried way, savoring every corner.

The Roman Amphitheater, the fine sandy beaches, their warm light, the Serrallo seafaring district, the local gastronomy, the green spaces next to the sea...

All this and more awaits you in Tarragona!

10 essential visits to Tarragona


( 12th-14th centuries ), built in the highest part of the city, approximately in the same place as the Roman temple of worship to the emperor.

Mapping Tarraco: an immersive experience that interacts with the model of Tarraco

Miniature reconstruction of the city of Tarraco in the 2nd century. Scale 1:500.

Roman amphitheater

Roman tower in the representation square of the Provincial Forum ( 1st century ) transformed into a royal residence ( 14th century ). The Roman circus was used for horse and chariot races ( 1st century ).

Mediterranean balcony

The most contemporary city discovers a unique corner of notable inspiration in the marine aesthetic that runs through the city, the Mediterranean Balcony, a splendid viewpoint open to the sea on the beach.

The Serrallo, fishermen neighborhood

It is the typical neighborhood of fishermen, where the fish that is caught throughout the day is auctioned in the afternoon. It is a picturesque area, with its own personality and with charming restaurants, where you can savor the best fish and shellfish in Tarragona.

The beaches of Tarragona

They are recognized for their fine sand. They have a very gentle slope that allows you to walk in the water or swim safely. Its privileged geographical location invites you to enjoy a mild climate throughout the year.

The Rambla Nova

Tarragona's main promenade with more than 150 years of existence and the largest number of modern shops, integrated into a unique architectural space due to its buildings and its history.

Tarragona central market

If what you want is to buy fresh and seasonal products in a very typical atmosphere, visit the markets of Tarragona. The Central Market, located a short distance from Rambla Nova, is an important modernist building (Josep M. Pujol, 1915).


roman route

The objective of this Roman route is to make known the history of Tarragona through the main preserved monuments of that time, the moment of maximum splendor of the city, which achieved the declaration of World Heritage by UNESCO on November 30, 2000 for the Roman archaeological complex of Tarraco.

mediaeval route

Tarragona preserves remarkable monuments from its medieval past, and to the importance of the Roman remains it is worth adding the medieval artistic heritage, led by the Cathedral, which constitutes a very remarkable ensemble. The objective of this route is to make it known, linking the different monuments in a tourist route.

modernist route

This guide aims to bring us closer to a part of the modernist legacy spread throughout the city that requires the complicity of the visitor to reveal all its poetics and beauty. Through this itinerary you can glimpse the lines, the preferences and the society that welcomed the modernist aesthetic to decorate, among other things, their homes, their places of leisure or work or their objects of worship.

Route of the first Christians of Tarraco

The Paleo-Christian documentary, artistic and archaeological heritage that Tarragona has bequeathed is, as a whole, the most notable of the entire Iberian Peninsula. The city and its diocesan church invite you to discover this magnificent heritage and to follow in the footsteps of our martyrs through this itinerary.

What to do

Descobreix Tarraco, L'empremta de Roma


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Catedral de Tarragona


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OdySea - Centre de Busseig - Diving Center

Torredembarra (a 12.8 Km)

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La Mascota i el Jardí

Riudoms (a 14.7 Km)

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Where to eat

Arena Tapas Restaurant

Salou (a 10.9 Km)

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L'Orangerie de Clos Barenys

Vila-seca (a 12.8 Km)

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Restaurant Denver Cambrils

Cambrils (a 16.5 Km)

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El Refugi

Valls (a 19.2 Km)

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Where to sleep

Port Plaza Apartaments


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Camping Montblanc Park Capfun


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Càmping Trillas Spa Tamarit


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Hotel Centre Reus

Reus (a 12.5 Km)

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Tarraco Viva, the Roman Festival of Tarragona 2024

13/05/2024 - 26/05/2024

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'Ball of Sant Crist' by Salomó

26/05/2024 ...

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"Tarraco/Mnat" exhibition at Tinglado 4 in Tarragona

Descobreix Tarraco, L'empremta de Roma (Tarragona)

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Visit the Paleochristian Museum and Necropolis

Descobreix Tarraco, L'empremta de Roma (Tarragona)

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