El Misteri de La Selva La Selva del Camp

C/ L'Abadia,24. La Selva del Camp

The text of the play, anonymous, found local historian Joan Foot in a notebook Arxiu deposited in the Parish of the Forest, along with other texts of the mid-fourteenth century belonging to the Lordship of Prades and Mont-ral. Subsequently, the notebook moved to Tarragona Diocesan Historical Archive, where it is currently.

Most likely, Mystery Writing is linked to the city of Tarragona, on the references in the verses of the crusade against the Muslims copied into the same notebook, and other references to the church of Santa Maria del Miracle, name medieval church that was at the height of the Roman amphitheater next to the current Miracle Beach. In any case, the people of La Selva has become one of the main cultural heritage of the people.

The story of Mystery leads Mary from his home, where he died, to the place where he is buried and finally to heavenly glory. Each of the two essential steps of dramatic action (death and burial, resurrection and glorification) are indicated by a descent of Christ from heaven, accompanied by angels and saints. The work to enjoy the refinement of the lexicon of medieval troubadours and songs a cappella, without music, with the same melody that suggests the original manuscript. They belong to the Gregorian and polyphonic repertoire of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The representation of the Assumption of St. Mary Madonna is the first full text of a drama Assumption in Catalan before the Mystery of Valencia, the first third of the fifteenth century, or the Mystery of Elche. In recent years it has represented entirely in Tarragona, Elche, Montserrat Monastery, Rome and Jerusalem.


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