Casal Auditori La Violeta Altafulla

Capacity: 297 | Carrer de l'Hostal, 15, Altafulla Altafulla

The Casal Auditori La Violeta reopened its doors on July 30, 2022 after being closed for several years. With the new inauguration and the different proposals that the space has received up to now, the objective of the Altafulla City Council is for it to become a reference cultural center in Baix Gaià and in the rest of Camp de Tarragona.

During these months in operation, the La Violeta stage has hosted plays, concerts, monologues and movies, among others. In addition, the seeds of festivals such as Neurona Fest, Alma Jove and Straperlo have also been planted.

Among the different artists, the musicians Joan Miquel Oliver, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, Agustí Mas and Kitflus, Camellos and Lluís Gavaldà will be at La Violeta; the monologists Héctor de Miguel, Yunez Chaib and Xavi Daura; and the comedians Judit Martin and Alba Florejachs. In addition, the program has hosted quality works such as 'Ovelles', with Biel Duran, and 'El Largo Almuerzo de Navidad', with Bruna Cusi.

Another of La Violeta 's values is its firm commitment to promoting local talent.


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