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The land of Priorat and Montsant produce a grape that is kissed by the sun and the air in exceptional conditions and cared for by peasants with an ancient tradition in the production of the best quality wines in the world. Our vineyards are located in the valley formed by the Sierra del Montsant and the Sierra de Les Gritelles. Our grapes ripen at an altitude between 450 and 600 meters, with a strong contrast in temperatures between day and night. Licorella, clay and boulders are the essence of the soils of our pieces. At Gritelles we explore the uniqueness of the best vineyards in the Northeast of Montsant, in the Priorat region. We select the vineyards that best express the characteristics of the climate and the diversity of the terrain (clay, limestone, slate and boulders).


The grapes transfer to the wine the personality and complexity of each vineyard and vintage. Our fermentations are with autochthonous yeasts from the same vineyard, which allows us to express the territory in the best possible way. The balance between territory, grapes and microorganisms gives us an excellent product.


Wine has been made in Priorat since before Roman times. We continue the tradition of our ancestors. A winery that begins its activity in the piece and in the vines to bring the best of the territory to your glass.


Garnacha Negra has been cultivated in Priorat since time immemorial. The Cariñena from Priorat and Montsant synthesizes the molecules that give the freshness and characteristic perfume of this grape. Macabeo has been produced in Tarragona for thousands of years.


  • Taste the wines: Taste our DO Montsant wines in the cellar and discover the dimensions of the Garnacha, Cariñena and Macabeo perfumes. An experience that allows you to understand how wine is made, combining ancestral tradition with scientific knowledge, to express a universe of aromas and flavors in each drink and glass.
  • Taste wines from casks: Taste our wines directly from casks and discover the wines in evolution and ageing, perfumes of Garnacha, Cariñena and Macabeo.
  • Visit the vineyards: Visit the vineyards and enjoy the spectacle of the Montsant landscape, the Gritelles and Siurana, tasting the DO Montsant wines.
  • Have a bite of the slice: Stroll through the Celler Gritelles vineyards and enjoy breakfast or a snack in the vineyards tasting our DO Montsant wines and experience the spectacle of the Montsant, Gritelles and Siurana landscape.

You can visit our winery and taste in the winery the wines we have in production:

  • Whites: Vedrenyes (Macabeo) young white; Siurana Brisado (Macabeo) breeze; Piece of the Sierra Macabeo · 1714 (Macabeo), breezed with aging
  • Reds: Manou Garnacha (red Garnacha) natural wine; Manou (garnacha tinta and cariñena) young and fresh wine; Siurana Tinto (garnacha tinta and cariñena) aged red wine; Argentera Garnacha · The essence (garnacha tinta) reserve of garnacha tinta; Argentera Cariñena The perfume (cariñena) cariñena reserve
  • Rosés: Siurana Roig (garnacha tinta) rosé with crianza; Ancestral Rojo (cariñena sparkling), natural sparkling.

You can visit our cellar and taste the wines that are aging in the casks:

Siurana Brisado (Macabeo) breeze; Siurana Tinto (garnacha tinta and cariñena) aged red wine; Argentera Garnacha · The essence (garnacha tinta) reserve of garnacha tinta; Argentera Cariñena · The perfume (cariñena) reserve of cariñena; Old garnacha vines · 714 (Red Grenache) centenary vines of red garnacha; Old vineyards Cariñena · 1153 (cariñena) centenary vineyards of cariñena.

You can enjoy a breakfast or snack among vineyards:

You will taste local products and enjoy one of our wines and you will walk among the Celler Gritelles vineyards in a spectacular setting. With the Montsant and Siurana surrounding the vineyards and showing a unique landscape for the cultivation of the vineyards and for the production of wine.


At the Gritelles Winery we sponsor vineyards. It can be just one strain or a group of 6 strains. The program is annual and can be renewed. Vineyard Sponsorship (6 vines)
The sponsorship contract includes: Certificate of sponsorship in the name of the godfather or godmother, visit to the vineyards and the winery for one or two people, wine tasting in the winery for one or two people, 1 or 6 bottles of wine from the vines sponsored, 10% discount on wines purchased at the winery or 5% on wines sent.


At the Gritelles Winery we sponsor barrels. It can be part of a barrel or a whole barrel. Sponsorship contract for 12 months, renewable. The sponsorship contract includes: Sponsorship certificate in the name of the godfather or godmother; two visits to the vineyards and the winery for two people, two wine tastings in the winery for two people, 12-18 up to 300 bottles of aged wine from the sponsored vines according to the plan chosen from part of the barrel or whole barrel, discount 10% on wines purchased at the winery or 5% on wines shipped.


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