Adernats - Vinícola de Nulles Nulles

C/ Estació, s/n Nulles

The Nulles Wine Cathedral, modernist winery designed in 1917 by César Martinell, is a jewel of the agrarian movement of the early twentieth century.

Currently, thanks to the recognition of wine tourism and its Adernats wines and cavas, it has positioned itself as a benchmark in the regions of Tarragona when it comes to wine, culture and history. Located in a strategic point of the Ruta del Cister, Nulles is a small rural town where time seems to pass more slowly. Cabanes and margins of dry stone cross the extensive vineyards that surround the town. And as a point of union between people and the land, a winery, the Nulles Wine Cathedral.

Discover the magic that hides this place. Immerse yourself in the history of this land through unique proposals of wine tourism. Find a new look at the wine and gastronomic world with a young team of wine tourism and the unique wines and cavas of Mediterranean essence of Adernats.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: 5066


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