Granja Escola Corral de Neri El Catllar

Granja Escola Corral de Neri, Camí del Corral de Neri, El Catllar El Catllar

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The Corral de Neri del Catllar Farm-School is an old sheep pen from the 18th century and a small family business where we lovingly care for all the animals and every detail to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Since 1996, the main objective of our farm is to favor children's direct contact with domestic animals and nature.

We would really like it if they came to meet our dogs (Roy, Chiva, Blas, Marú), the cats (Charlie and Zebra), the ponies (Luna, Klauss and Spirit), the goats (Lola, Joaneta, Escarcha, Saltarina), the bunnies, the sheep (Oreo, Neri, Fosca, Xao, Copo, Negrita, Arcillaga), Porky, chickens, ducks, the donkey Nuk, the horses and the mare (the Pegaso, Uruk, the Trueno, the Cream), the water turtles and land turtles … and Bruna the cow!

For us, respect for nature and all living beings that coexist in this space is very important.

The visits offer the possibility of interacting with the animals with the 5 senses and enjoying all the spaces and games that we have prepared for you.

We are a small rural theme park, we would love to have you visit us and we are sure that both adults and children will enjoy the different proposals!


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