Pessebre Vivent Pobla de Montornès La Pobla de Montornès

Carrer Major, 25 La Pobla de Montornès

Due to the current situation of the Coronavirus-Covidien 19 pandemic, it will not be feasible to carry out the representations of the Living Nativity Scene of Pobla de Montornès for the 2020/2021 season.

A living manger is the representation of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth from several paintings with living characters and taking advantage of a rustic setting or landscape or with architectural interest such as the old town of a town.

In La Pobla de Montornès we have an incomparable setting to make the representations of the Living Nativity, the hill where the Hermitage of the Virgin of Montornès is located, a scarce kilometer from the town center, a totally natural place surrounded by vegetation, pines and carob trees together to an old farmhouse.


Since 1976, and without interruption, the representations of the Living Nativity have been held. The Pobla de Montornès Bethlehem is one of the most traditional in Catalonia and has become the icon of our municipality, projecting the city beyond the region.

For 35 years, the cultural entity Amigos de Montornès organized and managed the entire scope of the Nativity scene. After this period of time, the Friends of Montornès decided to stop being responsible for the organization, and since this decision this task, for more than 5 years, has been in charge of the Asociación Belén Viviente de la Pobla de Montornès.


Each season may vary depending on the dates. -It begins on the Sunday before Christmas, and continues on December 25 and 26, January 1 and usually the performances end on the day of Kings.

-You can access the same Hermitage by private car and also by coach. With coach we always ask you to inform us before you come, in order to facilitate arrival and parking.

-During the final tour of the path that leads to the Hermitage, you will find assistants from the organization who will help you park without any difficulty.

-At arrival the visitor will find a bar service and also toilet services.

-In the same bar you can buy souvenirs from the Nativity scene and enjoy the warmth of a wood stove.

-In front of the bar there are some stalls with products from La Puebla, yogurts, cheeses, cottage cheese, etc. artisanal and also breads, cakes and different products from a local bakery, likewise and for a few years a churreria has been offering its services that delight young and old.

Taking into account the performance dates, December and January, which is usually cold, people waiting to enter to visit the Nativity Scene are offered hot Ben broth and infusions, products courtesy of the firms, Caldo Aneto and Tgust. And when they finish the tour of the representation they will be able to taste the toasted bread, made over the embers of a wood fire and to accompany it a good drink of wine.

The best days to enjoy the show are; On the Sunday before Fiestas and the Three Kings Day, this does not mean that the rest of the days of the show are also magnificent, but there are more visitors and they may have to wait a bit to enjoy the performance.

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