Province: Lleida | Shire: Les Garrigues | Inhabitants: 1.009 | Extension: 65,1 Km2 | Altitude: 353 m

Castelldans is a municipality Garrigues found in the northern part of this region. The village lies at the foot of a small hill, which has at its summit is Castelldans Castle.

This geographical point where the people was a key site during the Roman era and later became a defensive place during the Christian conquest. It is believed that the castle was one of the most important Muslim fortresses east of the river Segre.

Well, we could say that the origin of this people have been conditioned by the construction of this castle dating from the eleventh century (in a period Andalus). It was from then, about the twelfth century, when they appeared some population centers in their environment.

In fact, the name of the town comes from the castle. The name of which comes from the Arabic "al-Hamir Qalcat" and that means the Castle of donkeys.

A story collection by Joan existing Amades says the Lord of Castelldans was dedicated to raising donkeys and his castle was thousands and thousands. Is this the reason for the name of it.

It should also add that this castle became the property of Scala to the seventeenth century, in which the "Cartoixans" had a dependency. That is why today, we can find in this site the remains of the presence of these monks, exactly, those of an old cellar cartoixana. Also, across the street and above the access door to the rectory, it retains a cartoixans monks shield.

Also, we find the church of the Mother of God of the Assumption notable for its neoclassical facade and square tower. Also has a polychrome stone image of God Mother and Child dated XV century.

Since 1954 the people of Castelldans has another temple of worship, this is the shrine of the Mother of God of Montserrat and built in celebration of Marian holy year.

Nor can we forget the Museum of Rural world oil and is the sign of the presence and impact of this culture on the territory of Garrigues.

Castelldans has great natural environment is among the items Bessons and Melons. Both differ in their characteristics Bessons While known for its bushes and shrubs, Melons stands, especially its bird populations and vegetation combine with the dry landscape.

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