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Avinguda de Francesc Macià, 54, Les Borges Blanques, Lleida
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Les Garrigues, with 19,010 inhabitants (2021) and an area of 799.71 km2, borders Segrià, Pla d'Urgell and Urgell to the north, Priorat to the south and Conca de Barberà to the east. while the Ribera d'Ebre region of Tarragona delimits the land to the west.

The landscape of Les Garrigues is one of the most appreciated values for being a virgin area, where traditional, agrarian landscapes are maintained, with elements such as dry stone constructions and the implementation of new agricultural techniques that irrigation has contributed. Everything together transmits a harmony and tranquility of great value today.


In recent years there has been an increase in tourism, which is motivated by an agri-food and proximity product.

Olive oil tourism allows you to get to know Les Garrigues and live unique and innovative experiences. You will be able to visit some of the old mills that have been converted into museums, do workshops, taste tastings among olive trees... you cannot leave without first tasting our oil, either in a tasting or in one of the restaurants in the territory.


The festivals of Les Garrigues are the result of a culture linked to the land and its gastronomy.

Among all the festivities, three stand out that are recognized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat and are: the Meeting of Giants, Grallers and Correfocs de Les Borges Blanques, the Descent of the Cross and the Procession of the Meeting of the Granadella and the Juneda Piece Casserole Contest.

Of the fairs, the Extra Virgin Quality Oil and Garrigues Fair stands out, which is held during the month of January in Les Borges Blanques, but we find others spread throughout the territory from November to March.


Cave Ensemble of the Rock of the Moors of Cogul

One kilometer from Cogul, in the direction of Albagés, are the cave paintings of the Roca de los Moros, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They are an example of Levantine cave art, with 45 figures, including human images, various animals and also inscriptions from the Iberian and Latin alphabet. La Roca de los Moros is part of the cave art route, whose objective is to disseminate the main groups of cave art in our lands.

Iberian fortress of Vilars de Arbeca

A particularity that distinguishes the Vilars from many contemporary settlements is the location on a flat area, which dispenses with any raised defence; This fact is explained by an intense agrarian exploitation of the immediate land. The site is providing one of the most interesting iron age defense systems in all of Europe.

Macià Space of the Borges Blanques

Center for the interpretation of the life of Francesc Macià. The space shows, shares, recovers, preserves and disseminates the documentary, graphic, audiovisual and sentimental heritage linked to Francesc Macià, the first president of the contemporary Generalitat.

Catalan Oil Culture Center (CCOC) and Catalan Oil Museum in Granadella

The CCOC brings together, orders and offers a series of actions aimed at different audiences, all of them with olive oil as a connecting fist.

The Oil Museum of Catalonia, located in the heart of the Granadella Cooperative headquarters, contains the original installations and machinery of the mill founded in 1920, which has been in disuse since 1986.


The region preserves four castles from the late medieval period: in Albi, Arbeca, La Floresta and Espluga Calba.


The wine route allows you to get to know the different wineries in the region with guided tours and wine tasting.

dry stone constructions

The stone also has an important space in the cultural legacy of the region. The dry stone constructions are mainly old vault cabins, water receptacles, margins or sponas, shelters and shelters, which were built exclusively with stone (without using any type of element between the stones) and which are perfectly integrated into landscape.

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