Casa de colònies Can Massaguer, Fundesplai Sant Feliu de Buixalleu

Capacity: 78 | Casa de colònies Can Massaguer, GI-552, km 8, 17451 Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, Girona Sant Feliu de Buixalleu

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Can Massaguer is located in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, in the La Selva region.

This colonial house, an old restored farmhouse, is located in the middle of the forest, at the foot of the Montseny massif, an ideal environment to enjoy nature. The house is located at the foot of the Montsoriu Castle, a medieval castle full of legends, and 5 km from Breda, known for its ceramics.

It is a perfect place to discover the wild nature and history of Montseny, take excursions, family activities, camps, gymkhanas and environmental education workshops.


  • Summer activities for children and young people
  • AMPA/AFA Colonies
  • Colonies and school activities
  • Colonies or recreation camps
  • Lunch and spend the day
  • Family holidays and weekends
  • Family vacation with dog

Colony House

Can Massaguer is a camp house that has environmental education classrooms and other living rooms. In addition, it has a fireplace and heating for the winter, but it also has a very large pool for children and families to swim in the summer, among other things!

Our healthy, home-cooked menus are based on the Mediterranean diet. We cook with fresh and seasonal products, and we favor local, ecological and socially responsible products. In addition, we prepare special menus for allergic, intolerant or vegetarian people.

We also make party menus for celebrations, weddings, birthdays, etc.


Exciting excursions and tourist spots that will leave you speechless. From the charm of the Riera de Breda to the imposing majesty of the Montseny mountain, and the beech forests found throughout the region, each site offers you a new wonder to discover. Are you ready to delve into the magic of this natural paradise? Come and be dazzled by the splendor of Montseny!


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