Santa Maria de Palautordera

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Vallès Oriental
Inhabitants: 9325
Extension: 16,9 Km2
Altitude: 208 m

Santa Maria de Palautordera is a municipality located in the eastern part of the Vallès Oriental, a beautiful town located in the Tordera River Valley, which has an approximate area of 17 square kilometers, and an average altitude of 190.90 meters above the level from sea. Thanks to the splendid views of the Montseny massif, it has become a point of passage of the "Camino del Montseny", at the gates of the Montseny Natural Park, a protected area and declared a Biosphere Reserve (World Reservation Network). of the Biosphere of the MAB program), in 1978, by UNESCO. Located on the sunny side of the massif, it is a place of great scenic beauty, but also of great wealth in terms of rural heritage, thanks to the abundance of water and the variety of forest that can be found, and urban.

Palautordera or Palau, as it is also called, is very well connected so it can be accessed from anywhere in Catalonia. Located just 40 minutes from Barcelona, communication with the rest of the region is made by the BV-5301 road, which crosses the city and joins the road from Granollers to Girona (C-35) with the Osona region after climbing for the Montseny.

Park of the Arboretum, "the Montseny Arboretum"

An initiative designed to make available to everyone the knowledge and understanding of the natural environment of Montseny and, especially, of the most representative forest species. This space contains a sample of the approximately 80 woody species that can be found in the Montseny massif, all duly marked and presented and which are a good representation of those in Europe. In addition, it is a natural space where we can also see animal species such as ducks, turtles and fish. A beautiful fountain where you can relax welcomes the park.

Signposted itineraries

In recent years we have been working to raise awareness of our town, so that it is valued as a tourist attraction more than Montseny, both by the locals themselves and by visitors. With this objective, nowadays we have designed new itineraries, well signposted, around the city, where to walk, to be healthy, to know a bit of history of our environment, to observe the forests of the municipal area where we can also discover trees or groves of great interest: the area of the Dry River, the fountain of the Lovers or San Jose... in general, are of low difficulty (suitable for all types of public), and of different duration depending on their length: from the shortest, with a distance of 3,300 m and a time of 45 minutes, up to the longest, with a distance of 15,700 m and a time of 3 hours 20 minutes.

Palau is nature, health, sport, leisure and free time

There is a very complete offer of family activities such as visiting the Farm School, the classroom Can Turró rural environment, horseback riding in the equestrian, a whole series of activities that are organized throughout the year, thanks to a rich associative fabric that has the territory. In addition there are companies that are dedicated to organize adventure activities and leisure in nature.

Palau is heritage, history, traditions and customs

In the municipality we have a good offer of accommodation of all kinds: 3 hostels, 4 houses of rural tourism, 12 houses of tourist use with different capacities (from 5 to 18 people) and soon 8 tourist apartments.

And all this without forgetting that we still have a lot of producers and traders of high quality, and a fantastic and very complete offer of restoration with traditional and homemade cuisine, with local and seasonal products, for all tastes and prices.

Places of interest

Parish Church of Santa Maria de Palautordera

Despite the date of 1593, which is written on the lintel of the front of the temple, the church was finished building between 1567 and 1588, taking into account that, as recorded in a chronicle of a pastoral visit on September 2 1567, the church was still without doors and uncovered. Although the original construction of Santa María corresponds to a work of Romanesque design, renovated around 1040, the current building responds to a temple built within the late Gothic current. On the left side of the building, the bell tower rises , with three bodies.

Plaza de la Villa

Ample space that allows the market to be made on Saturdays, even in the surrounding streets, so they open the villa and make it grow out. Throughout its history, it has known several denominations: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, so that on the noon side there is the municipal building, or Plaza Nueva, when the space was opened, in the 19th century. In the square is the City Hall, the Recreation and the Salvador Fàbregas Master Civic Center.

Trencat Bridge

It is the passage of the royal road that allowed to cross the Tordera, the river that separates the towns of Santa María de Palautordera and Sant Celoni. It is a medieval bridge with two pointed or pointed arcade eyes. It is not ruled out that, at the time of the Roman occupation, at this same point there would be a Roman bridge crossed by the Roman road. Its silhouette, for many years, led to popularly known as the Broken Bridge.

In 2005 it was restored, this restoration has made it worthy of different architecture awards.

Chapel of the Remei and Chapel of Sant Sebastià

The increase in devotion to the Virgen del Remedio made it necessary to build a new hermitage, so a piece of land was chosen next to the old chapel of San Sebastián (building of a single nave of the 16th century, with an apse and a barrel vault, which now it is a private house).

The hermitage of the Remei is a neoclassical building (1803), whose exterior is masonry and has a façade with the portal of a lowered arch, a porthole and a bell tower.

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