The Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró

The Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró

The Natural Park Moixeró is one of the largest natural areas that hosts our country (41,342 hectares) and with a greater number of habits and species of flora and fauna. It is also considered a mountain park as its highest peak is 2648 meters.

This embraces various mountains and massifs - the Cadi, the Moixerò, Pedraforca and part of Tosa d'Alp and Puigllançada -. And includes three regions: the Berguedà, l'Alt Urgell and Cerdanya.

On this route we propose several trails and activities that will guide you and lead you in splendid corners of the park making you discover aspects of fauna, flora and geology and even with humans, which revolve around five axes characterized for five different municipalities that make up the network of Park Interpretation Center: Baga , Saldes , Tuixent , Martinet and Bellver de Cerdanya .

Both for those who are nature lovers as this interest does not make them move mountains, surely this route will captivate and also will refresh the hottest days of summer.

The Sierra del Cadi - Moixerò The name of the natural park has been given by the two great mountain ranges that it binds, the Cadi and Moixerò. Both are linked by the neck and form a barrier Tancalaporta mountainous prepirineo.

Often, the Sierra del Moixerò is recognized as the Sierra del Cadi that by their own name. In fact, the tunnel that runs underneath the mountains of Moixerò is known Cadi tunnel. Add to this tunnel drilling was essential for communicating the regions of Barcelona with the central Pyrenees.

These two mountains offer their charms and wealth to anyone who wants to discover, the Costa Cabirolera peak, the top of the Collada Verda, the Altes Penyes Moixeró and Colldejou. As the sources of Bastareny and valleys of England.

Also, are characteristic and impressive cliffs of the north face of the Sierra del Cadi and South riscal Moixerò limestone. Just as Verda and rock rock de l'Ordiguer of Cadi which have enough appreciation for what the world of climbing.

To get there, you can do it by Cadi Portell, which is the port access and most popular of the Sierra del Cadi.

Park Information Center In the town of Baga (Berguedà), which can be a gateway to the park is the Interpretation Center of the Natural Park Moixeró.

It offers visitors a room that houses a permanent exhibition with an overview of the park and a room with audiovisual projections and exhibitions. Also, from this center will offer other services: mountain guides, support vehicles, etc..

Furthermore, the town of Baga another space hosts information and dissemination, the Medieval and Càtars dels. It shows and medieval Cathar life planning. In fact, this area takes the route of Càtars known otherwise, as Bons Homes, which is a path of Grande Tour (Gr-107) connecting Berga with Montsegur longitudinally through the park.

From Baga is accessible also to the Source of Adou that is where the source of the river Bastareny, the Riugréixer or Rigoréixer to freshen up and relax in the leisure area enabled in Empedrats, in the Coll de Pal, among other interesting places.

Al Soula Today, Pedraforca mountain has become a symbol of Catalan hiking. Just as mountaineering, as the northern slopes of the upper Pollegó is one of the beautiful places to climb. It also highlights the characteristic shape having, which is formed by two fairings, known as Pollegons, joined by a neck.

This mountain, together with the Canigou and configured Montserrat emblematic mountains of Catalonia.

Besides being part of the Natural Park Moixeró, the environment surrounding the Pedraforca was declared a natural area of national interest in 1982.

This mountain is located in the municipalities of Saldes and Gósol . So it is in Saldes where the Interpretation Centre Pedraforca massif.

There are several routes to climb and afrentarse on this mountain, for example, 123 short-distance path (PR-C 123) which is a tour of the Pedraforca and PR-C 127 Pedraforca called 360.

Highlight the sanctuary of the Virgin of the eponymous veranda Gresolet and accessed from Saldes and from where the views are spectacular.

The formation of Pedraforca Legend has it that one night of San Silvestre, specifically December 31, a coven Witches were celebrating on top of a mountain, located in the place where we find, currently, Pedraforca. Witches were divided into two camps as they were angry with each other. They fought and made ??a lot of noise, so that the common people of Saldes was shocked and asked, constantly, the help of San Miguel. This, finally, listen to the people and to end the conflict between witches fell and hit the mountain sword broke into two parts, one part Pollegó known as the top and the other as the lower Pollegó. Thus, as explained silhouette presents the Pedraforca.

The vegetation of the Park and the River House

In Tuixent (Alt Urgell) discloses the botanical richness of the natural park Moixeró through Interpretation Center of Flora. Its flora is of great interest because of the varied and diverse weather conditions that presents the park and form of landscapes, from the stadium basal Mediterranean to alpine meadows, forests of beech, etc..

Continuing the route around the Natural Park Moixeró we can Martinet (Cerdanya), the municipalities which are also part Moixeró. This town houses in his village or River House Interpretive Center river ecosystems that reveal another characteristic typical habitat of the park.

From this very point is initiated Itinerary Otter, a common animal of the river, which is a path that runs along the side of the river Segre and Segre partial nature reserve-Prullans and provides insight Riberes trees of Segre surrounding construction.

The Interpretation Centre forest fauna Also, around the park has located another interpretation center, specifically the Centre for Interpretation of forest fauna found in Bellver de Cerdanya (Cerdanya) and provides information on the species found in the forest area , among which the white-winged sparrow, wild rooster and the chamois.

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