Parc dels Búnquers de Martinet i Montellà Montellà i Martinet

Paratge Cabiscol Montellà i Martinet

The memory space and Interpretation Center of the Park of the Bunkers of Martinet and Montellà was born with the aim of making known an element of the recent history until now totally unknown, the line of defense of the Pyrenees, popularly known as "Line P "or Gutiérrez line, a pharaonic work built during the forties, an impressive line of defense that has long been surrounded by military secrecy.

The center of the Park of the Bunkers has been proposed as a place to experience and understand a time of wars thought to be visited accompanied by a monitor in good part of the route. The visit is structured in three parts: Through an innovative museographic montage, based on different audiovisual works, the visit begins to give the keys to the visitor to understand the historical context.

Once the audiovisual is finished, we equip the visitor with helmet and flashlight to undertake a well-marked and adapted route where it passes through a mountain path during which you can visit a total of eight recovered fortifications of different types: combat points, points of artillery... and even enter a network of underground galleries connected to each other.


  • The duration of the visit is 1h and 45 minutes.
  • The visit is guided: the monitors accompany the group during the first part of the exterior itinerary through the area of ​​the bunkers, located about 100 meters from the visitor center.
  • In order to visit the bunkers, which are well lit and meet the security conditions, it is mandatory to wear the helmet provided by the monitors.
  • The facilities of the visitor center are adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • Good shoes are advised along the route.
  • The entrance of pets is not allowed.
  • Depending on the weather conditions, guided tours abroad will be canceled.


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