Mas de Colom, Casa Borges Tàrrega

C/Mas d' en Colom 143 Tàrrega

Mas de Colom – Casa Borges, an old Cistercian farmhouse and monastery dating from the early 20th century, which will later become the institutional headquarters of the Borges Group, a point of union between values, brand, history, culture, traditions and biodiversity, located in a unique environment.

The old convent and country house are located on the Mas de Colom estate in Tàrrega and have now been converted into an experiential center that projects the values of the Borges Group with immersive and emotional audiovisual resources, which connect with local history and highlight the uniqueness of the equipment. patrimonial, which is also conceived as an informative and didactic educational space, on the conservation of biodiversity and food based on healthy lifestyles. All this surrounded by an agricultural environment with an area of about 70 hectares that become a sample of the main products that the Group markets, almond, pistachio, olive and walnut trees.

The Mas de Colom estate has more than 10% of the area dedicated to the conservation of semi-natural environments included within the Natura 2000 Network. The conservation, promotion and dissemination of these protected natural spaces together with the promotion of the improvement of biodiversity in the Mas de Colom estate are part of the Action Plan for Biodiversity, a national collaborative project coordinated by the Global Nature Foundation, experienced and prestigious entity in the execution of projects for the conservation of biodiversity at an international level. Since the beginning of the year, among other actions, more than 500 old fruit plants and species of special interest for their traditional uses have been planted, as well as the use of green covers to reduce the risk of pests and reduce the use of pesticides in crop management. This Action Plan will help to sequester carbon in the soil, reduce erosion and mitigate climate change.

Our visits and experiences

Visit-experience Mas de Colom-Casa Borges

Visit to discover the values of a brand and the history of the environment.

Mas de Colom is a space-experience. An old farmhouse that collects the essence of a brand that preserves the values of the land and projects them throughout the world. And it does so with immersive emotional and educational resources to connect the public with the territory and its fruits.

The experience ends with a tasting of olive oil and nuts.

Prior reservation on the website:

Duration: 1'30 h. Activity schedule: Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday, weekends and holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Interpretive walk around the Mas de Colom estate

Do you want to know the surroundings of Mas de Colom? Come for a walk among fields of almond, pistachio, olive and walnut trees to discover the biodiversity in this magnificent agrinatura environment. A tour where we will discover the different varieties of tree crops, the flora and fauna that surround us and also some keys to the Action Plan for the conservation of biodiversity that Borges International Group is promoting on its farm in Mas de Colom-Casa Borges.

We recommend comfortable shoes for this walk of about 3 km. Check the days of the activities and make the prior reservation on the website:

Activity schedule: from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Duration: 1'30 h.


Breakfasts with Borges (Spring-Summer Season)

Participatory food and cooking workshop.

As a family, we will discover the fun and original combinations that can be made with different Borges products to prepare a healthy breakfast and we will put it into practice. At the same time, we will learn the importance of enjoying a balanced diet.

Check the days of the activities and make the prior reservation on the website:

Hours: weekends, at 10 a.m. Duration: 1'30h


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