Fire festivities in Catalonia

Fire festivities in Catalonia

Fire is the most important element of traditional Catalan festivals. It is a symbol loaded with divine aspects, present in hundreds of ritual and cyclical celebrations, the sun sets and fire becomes the protagonist that replaces it. Protagonist of parties with a magical and symbolic atmosphere, it is a mixture of pagan and religious beliefs, customs, ancient and ancient rituals.

This fire is the protagonist of a good number of traditional Catalan festivals, such as the failures that are celebrated in 17 villages of the Catalan Pyrenees converted into collective and socializing parties. Another great example is the Patum de Berga, which takes place annulled by Corpus and is the only bustle of the Blessed Sacrament that has been preserved and has evolved in Catalonia since the fourteenth century. The party invites you to see a real hell overflowing with fire in St. Peter's Square.

Throughout the territory we find other examples of popular culture linked to fire, we talk about the devils and festive bestiary, the verbenas that live their peak on the night of San Juan, the correfocs or the parades with fire bestiary.

The Patum of Berga

The celebration of the feast of Corpus for excellence in Berguedà has a name: the Patum. Some say it is a holiday that can not be explained in words, it's…

The Fia-Faia, Christmas tradition

Started in December we are very close to the Christmas party, the streets are decorated and popular traditions resurface again recalling the practices that our…

The Aquelarre of Cervera

The last Saturday in August, Cervera celebrates one of the most unique festivals and more followers of Catalunya, the Coven. This term comes from the Basque language…

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Night of fire in Salou



Experience the Night of Fire in Salou. Live the fire show with the participation of groups from Salou: Diables Maleïts, Les Bruixes "Latemó" and Xaloc…

Fireworks in Santa Susanna


Santa Susanna

Experience the great Fireworks display of the Santa Susanna Festival. On the beach of Las Dunas, fireworks show! Do not miss it!

The Coven of Cervera

26/08/2022 - 28/08/2022


One more year the city of Cervera will celebrate the new edition of L'Aquelarre. L'Aquelarre is the festival of fire, music and witches of the Lands of Poniente,…

Festival of the Phylloxera of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

The Filoxera Festival has a prelude on September 7 at night, just after the traditional fire castle of the Fairs and Festivals in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. The…

The Fia Faia in Berguedà

Bagà ...

La Fia-Faia, a Christmas tradition that is celebrated in Berguedà on the night of December 24. The origin is not clear, since there are those who say that…

Feast of San Antonio de Ascó


The San Antonio de Ascó festival has preserved traditions that go back generations. It is recognized as a heritage festival of national interest. The festival,…

Feast of San Antonio in Caseres


San Antonio is very popular in the town, since all the neighbors gather in each street of the town and light large bonfires, where afterwards there is an orchestra…

The Patum of Berga


There is evidence of the celebration of the festivities of La Patum de Berga since 1454, when it was known as the Bulla or the Bullícia del Santíssim…

Faults festival in La Vall de Boí

La Vall de Boí

They say that traditions are only kept alive if they are celebrated year after year by the people of the territory as something of their own and not simply as an…

Descent of Fallas in Vilaller


Fallas descent down the mountain is one of the most unique popular festivals in Vilaller. The festival begins fifteen days before a large pine tree is cut down…

Night of San Juan in Santpedor


Santpedor will live one more year the traditional lighting of the cauldron with the Flame of Canigó on the Night of San Juan, in charge of the 2x2 excursion…

Faults in Senet


One night at the end of June, the paths and streets of the town are lit up with the fire of the fallas that descend from the mountain to form a great bonfire in…

Night of fire in Vilars d'Arbeca


At the beginning of August, the Amics dels Vilars association organizes the Night of Fire in Els Vilars, it is a magical evening in which the Vilars Fortress is…


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