Catalonia, land of volcanoes

Catalonia, land of volcanoes

Catalonia is also a land of volcanoes. The Catalan volcanic field is distributed in three large volcanic areas: the Empordà, the Selva and the Garrotxa. In this last area are the most modern volcanoes and with a better state of conservation. Thirty-eight have been identified in the area of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, two in the Hostoles Valley and five in the Llémena Valley.

The Garrotxa volcanic region is the most important volcanic landscape on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most interesting in Europe. Its orography, the soil and the climate provide it with a varied vegetation, often exuberant, with oak and beech forests of exceptional landscape value.

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, made up of eleven municipalities, has several pedestrian itineraries that pass through the most interesting places in the Natural Park. Most of them are signposted, except for some of the longer ones, which, if you are used to them, can be easily followed with the help of the guide-map of the Natural Park.

You can climb the volcanoes of the Park without special complication, the one of Santa Margarita and the Croscat you cannot miss, they are the largest and most curious and are enabled to be visited.

If after the visit, you want to live an even more complete experience, we recommend that you go in, try and be surprised with the volcanic cuisine. A close and forceful cuisine, born and cooked in the area, to lick your fingers, with star dishes such as Olot potatoes or Santa Pau beans.

The path of the Carlists in La Garrotxa

From Olot to Riudaura passing through La Pinya, this route will take us to enjoy the views from the Sierra de San Valentín, passing through the Montolivet…

Route through the volcanoes of Olot

The city of Olot can be discovered in many ways, on this route we will do it in a very special way: through its volcanoes. With this itinerary we will be able to…

Route of the Fountains and Verlets in Sant Joan les Fonts (accessible)

Sant Joan les Fonts is a municipality in the region of La Garrotxa formed by three population centers: La Canya, Begudà and Sant Joan les Fonts, which gives…

The mystery of Camp dels Ninots

Despite being an unknown to many tourist routes in the province of Girona, more focused on coastal areas, El Camp dels ninots (dolls field) is one of the most important…

The volcanoes' kitchen

La Garrotxa is a region that is borderline between high mountain and the esplanade Ripollès Empordà and scenically, very unique. Most of the area…

Circular route of the Bisaroques volcano and Tries fountain

Although its unique horseshoe shape does not allow us to easily identify it as the crater of a volcano, the black, brown and reddish colors of the volcanic soil…

Circular route through the icons of La Garrotxa

La Garrotxa is one of the Catalan regions with the most spectacular and unique landscapes in the entire State, we would dare to say. And the fact is that apart…

Walking around the Volcano of la Banya del Boc

The route described will take us about two hours if we walk (also suitable for mountain bike), and is especially recommended to do it in spring or autumn. Bring…

Route of the Fountains and Verlets by the volcano of the Caña

Sant Joan les Fonts is a municipality in the region of La Garrotxa formed by three population centers: La Canya, Begudà and Sant Joan les Fonts, which gives…

Volcanoes and other landscapes in La Garrotxa

The region of La Garrotxa is located at the eastern end of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees and is known as the volcanic area of ??Catalonia. Its geographical location…


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