Rucs i Someres Les Preses

Ctra. d’Olot a les Preses (Can Massot) Les Preses

Donkeys and Somers program is dedicated to sightseeing in the Catalan donkey Tosca Park Stone.

With the implementation of the European project Life Environment, the Municipality of Les Preses, promoted to recover a portion of this space. It is what is known as Pedra Tosca Park, a place born with the will to recover, respect and strengthen the actions taken by our ancestors?? about 150 years ago.

Pedra Tosca Park consists of a maze of paths, dry walls, artigas and cabins, and to a changing landscape throughout the year, welcomes us and takes us back to silence and the feeling of living without haste, but also helps us understand the dire need for change and human tenacity territory once exceptional hardness. The delicate combination of interventions to restore and recover the landscape has made ​​the Pedra Tosca Park is European Landscape Award Rosa Barba. An open space is an example of recovery of natural landscapes of volcanoes and agricultural fields with a combination artificial and natural elements. While Stone Park has won the Architecture Prize in section of exterior spaces in the tenth edition of the Architecture Awards of the Girona in 2006. In 2007 the park was again awarded the X Prize + Green (for green) in the second European Green City Congress held in Barcelona.


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