National Park of Sant Maurici and Aigüestortes

National Park of Sant Maurici and Aigüestortes

Aigüestortes National Park is one of the gates to paradise offered by the Pyrenees. The walk around this place about the mythical postcard landscapes such as Lake at the foot of Sant Maurici Encantats els, but also allows us to appreciate nature at its best.


The 40,852 acres protected since 1995 have been allowed to keep great diversity of flora and fauna of high mountain, making this a unique area south of Europe.

The Aigüestortes routes are many, can be made on foot, by bike or 4x4, in summer or winter, all the difficulties and in some cases are adapted for people with reduced mobility. In the houses of the national park, located in Boi and Espot , inform you instructions and specific services of the park but I femTurisme des will approach some of the most curious and interesting routes.

Lake Area Sant Maurici ...

Ermita de Sant Maurici If we get to the park from the east, take the N-260 to get to Sort , where we take the C-13 to the junction, Espot , find an entrance to the protected area. From this point is forced to leave the car as we will state park rangers.

At this point there is a taxi service that will take us to the lake. For those wanting to sweat shirt from the parking can walk to the lake of Sant Maurici, crossing the river valley Written and permanently guarded by the majestic Encantats (2,747 m). The road is technically simple but assumes an hour and half of ascent. Shortly before, right the way we can take a look at the hermitage of Sant Maurici and get water from the source. In addition, near Lake find refuge d'Ernest Mallafré where we can eat or sleep if we made ??a reservation.

Tort of Paguera estany i Refugio Josep Maria Blanc This area is quite busy, especially when accompanied by good weather but if we wanted to isolate ourselves a little more, we can continue the way to the Amitges shelter (2,380 m), an hour and a half from the lake. Throughout this second tranche of way we can approach the viewpoint of Sant Maurici, 5 minutes from the main road, we can see seven lakes, and shortly before arriving at the shelter, to the right of the road, we will find the Pi d 'Amitges a symbolic tree in the area. In Amitges forces we can recharge and stay the night, making a reservation.

This walk can be done from the parking to the meadow of Pierro, a plain beside a pond, with a public service of 4x4 or adapted cars for disabled, by booking in Park House Espot . In addition, this area is suitable for guests with limited mobility over 450 meter walkway that allow close to the shore of the lake.

Finally for those more daring and more accustomed to long walks, Amitges peaks (2,824 m) of Subenuix (2,949 m) and els Encantats (2,747 m) can be uploaded in a day from Lake Sant Maurici, the first two are of medium difficulty and the third requires climbing skills. It is recommended that more detailed information if you want to make these ascents.

Entering the Boi Valley

Refugio Colomers The alternative entrance to the park is by the Boi Valley , taking the N-230 to the Pont de Suert and turning off the L-500 to reach Boi from where we will find the road that will bring us to the car park boundary.

From the parking lever Molina, where we find the house of the park we start the hike to the peg Llong following Nicolau River Valley. The tour is technically simple, with two hours soft hike initial allow us to see the church of Sant Nicolau, the peg of the Llebreta, i l'Esperit waterfall, plus huge oak and beech forests, until the planell Aigüestortes. The second part of the course, two hours of gentle climb, take us to the peg Llong (2,000 m), through the refugi Estany Llong where we can take a break.

Lake Sant Maurici This route can do in the park and public transport vehicles adapted for disabled to Aigüestortes planell, asking for permission in the little park. This same point has enabled a 1,000 meter runway disabled that lets you interact with the nature of the park.

Entering the park by this point and drive closer to the dam of Cavallers, you can make the ascents to the highest peaks of the park, Comaloformo peak (3,033 m), the Bessiberri Nord (3,015 m), the Bessiberri Sud ( 3,017 m) and Punta Alta (3.014m). They are all highly difficult and require good weather conditions and previous experience in mountaineering. We recommend ordering more complete information to safely perform these ascents.

Crossing through the Aigüestores Park

Besides weekend routes, the park is enabled trips to long life. One of the best known is "Els foc carts" ("Chariots of Fire") is a 55km circular journey with a difference in altitude of 9200 meters, passing for nine shelters running all protected perimeter Park. Lets split the tour in the necessary steps according to the will of the participants and have guaranteed basic needs at the end of each stage. It is advisable to book in time with the organization of the crossing, which has informative guides to accompany the novice in this area.

Aigues Tortes National Park An alternative is to visit the park by bicycle. In this case you have enabled a journey of 220 km, "Els pedals de foc" ("pedal fire") that runs along the perimeter of the park on the outside allowing stay in cottages, hotels and lodges. Again all the duration of the voyage depends on the willingness of its participants, as the wide range of accommodation allows a variety of stages.

Finally include the GR11, which runs through the park from the north, from the south of the tunnel mouth Biela, we can go in both public and private transport, to Espot . This route passes 34 Km Restanca shelters, and Ernest Mallafré Colomèrs where we can load forces. Throughout the walk we make the ascent to Montardo (2,833 m), enjoy Colomèrs Circus dotted with numerous ponds and scenic lake again received Sant Maurici i els Encantats.



  • The Legend of Encantats els. According to legend, the narrow knitting needles that we see on Encantats els were two hunters who had escaped from Mass to be the first to hunt the deer and were cursed and froze forever.
  • Within the Natural Park can count to 200 ponds, many of the ice age.
  • The Sant Maurici pond stems from a natural lake, but was enlarged and built a dam to ensure water supply in the area.


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