Carros de Foc Vielha e Mijaran

Avda. Pas d’Arrò, 40 baixos. Vielha Vielha e Mijaran

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Chariots of Fire (Chariots of Fire) is a circular route trails, 56 km and almost 9,000 meters of accumulated (adding positive and negative), which connects the nine refuges National Park Aigüestortes Sant Maurici . The route altitudes ranging between 1,900 and 2,800 meters.

There are diferent types of inscription: Open, Open Plus, Open Nord and Open Sud.

Chariots of Fire acquires and demonstrates its commitment to the development and implementation of the following points and continuous improvement of its effectiveness:

  • Permanently raise the degree of satisfaction and loyalty of its customers by providing services that meet their needs and fulfill the requirements.
  • Deep respect for the environment. Preserve and maintain the signaling pathways as formerly and it is customary in the high mountains, landmarks made of stone, respecting the standards set by the National Park of Sant Aigüestortes Maurici.
  • Maintain and report on the philosophy of high mountain refuges, with all its differentiations, enforcing its internal regulations.
  • Ensure availability of resources, depending on their priorities, to meet the requirements.
  • Maximize and more detailed information, targeting completion by the user of the circuit.
  • The achievement of the above should be based on the collective effort of the Organization through the commitment acquired.



    Altitude: 2310 meters
    Council: Val d'Aran Located on the peg of Baix Saboredo
    Contact: Julian Sanllehy
    Post 174 25530 Apt Vielha
    Tel. 973253015
    18 people
    Opened on 16/08/69
    UTM: 31T333067E; 4720881N


    Altitude: 2130 meters
    Council: Val d'Aran Located next to the dam
    the Major estany deColomers
    Contact: Josep Soler i Baqués
    Post 136 25530 Apt Vielha
    Tel. 973253008 to 973640592
    40 people
    Opened on 16/10/83
    UTM: 31T329587E; 4721368N

  • Restanca

    Altitude: 2010 meters
    Council: Val d'Aran Located beside Restanca Dam
    Contact: Josep Martí i Mohedano
    107 25530 correros PlaceYes Vielha
    Tel. 608036559
    80 people
    Opened on 02/12/90
    UTM: 31T324224E, 4722740N

  • WINDY I Calvell

    Altitude: 2220 meters
    Region: High Ribagorça Located right Estany Negre de Boi
    Contact: Miquel Sanchez i Murcia
    Tel. 973297090 to 973641809
    80 people
    Opened on 11/03/79
    UTM: 31T326021E; 4719344N


    Altitude: 1985 meters
    Region: High Ribagorça Located Llong Estany drain
    Contact: Aigues Tortes National Park
    Post Apt 11-25520 El Pont de Suert
    Tel. : 00 882 1650 1000 90, TEL INTERIM
    REFUGI.Desde June 1. Fins October 15
    47 places
    UTM: 31T331126E; 4715647N


    Altitude: 2395 meters
    Council: Pallars Jussà Southwest of Lake of the Colomina
    Contact: Gerard Garreta Puyol
    Gerard Garreta post Apt Puyol (Refugio COLOMINA)
    House Ruixou, baixos 2a - 25513 - The Pobleta of Bellveí
    Tel. 973252000 - mòbil: 650 250 291
    40 people
    Opened on 09/30/73
    UTM: 31T335895E; 4709611N

  • Josep Maria Blanc

    Altitude: 2300 meters
    Council: Located culd right Tort Peguera Estany
    Contact: Xavier Serratosa
    Tel. 973250108 to 934232345
    60 people, 5 bedrooms
    Opened on 10/11/54
    UTM: 31T339522E; 4712450N


    Altitude: 1950 meters
    Council: culd Dam Located near Sant Maurici Side
    Contact: Montse Berriere i Jaume 25597 Figueroa watercress House Jussà
    Tel. 973250118 to 973250105
    24 people
    Opened on 10/18/75
    UTM: 31T 336746E 4716162N

  • Amitges

    Altitude: 2380 meters
    Council: culd Estanys Southwest of Gran d'Amitges
    Contact: Valenti i Nuria
    Tel. 973250109 to 973250007
    66 beds
    Opened on 13/10/84
    UTM: 31T334709E; 4718231N

You can pay by credit card and Amitges Blanc classic.

The shelters where they can leave their wastes are: JMBlanc, Mallafré Amitges and Restanca.

The lodges with hot shower are: Llong, Colomina, Mallafré Amitges and Blanc (supplement).
Not all shelters have the same services. We ask that users understand Carros de Foc found in high mountain refuges where it is difficult to transport and dispose of the usual services in other establishments.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: GC004170

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