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EL PALLARS SOBIRÁ, the valleys of the Alt Pirineu

Come and discover the highest peak and inhabited town in Catalonia, the largest lake in the Pyrenees and one of the best whitewater rivers in Europe: Pica d'Estats, Rubió, Certascan and Noguera Pallaresa. And all this in an incomparable natural environment under the protection of the only national park and the largest natural park in Catalonia: the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, in addition to the Boumort reserve.

The region is made up of 15 municipalities that group around 135 towns spread over the valleys that converge in the Noguera Pallaresa: the Àssua valley, the Cardós valley, the Ferrera valley, the Siarb valley, the Àneu valleys...


Come and feel the authenticity offered by the nature of Pallars Sobirà, one of the counties with the most protected areas in Catalonia.

Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

As the only national park in Catalonia, it offers an incomparable high mountain landscape in which water is the protagonist, with more than 200 ponds. Traveling through the numerous itineraries of the park, it is easy to find singular fauna and vegetation.

You can not lose this:

  1. Pond of San Mauricio and the Enchanted. Emblematic setting of the Catalan Pyrenees representative of the high mountain landscape in which rock and water coexist.
  2. Neck of the Portarró. Junction point between the Espot valley and the Sant Nicolau valley at 2,428 m from where magnificent views of the Park can be seen.
  3. Kill of Valencia. The largest fir forest in the Iberian Peninsula. An authentic immersion in a world of legend and fantasy.
  4. Lakes of Mainera. Head of the Àssua valley located at an altitude of 2,420 m with three glacial ponds that will satisfy lovers of calm and tranquility.

Alt Pirineu Natural Park

Nature and human activity coexist in harmony in this extensive protected area, a mosaic where deep valleys and the diversity of landscapes mix, which are a refuge for many endangered species.

You can not lose this:

  1. Certascan pond. The largest glacial lake in the Pyrenees, located at an altitude of 2,300 m. An essential landmark for nature lovers.
  2. Boet's Plan. Natural sanctuary of rest and tranquility from where the ascent to the roof of Catalonia begins, the Pica d'Estats (3,143 m).
  3. Escalarre's head. Wetland with crystalline waters where different plant and animal species of great natural value coexist.
  4. Peak of the Orri. Great natural viewpoint from which you can see a 360-degree panorama at an altitude of 2,439 m.

gifts of nature

Other natural spaces of great beauty.

Boumort Reserve

Time seems to have stopped in this dry and steep place. To enter Boumort is to enter an inhospitable environment populated by wild fauna that wander freely through the remains of ancient troglodyte villages tucked into natural rock caves that transport us back to an ancient time.

Pla de Cortes

In a legendary setting guarded by the silhouette of the Sleeping Geganta, rest the waters of the Montcortès pond, which spring from the depths of an undulating land straddling the high snow-capped peaks and the wild middle mountains.

Valley of Àssua and the Batlliu

The immensity of the valley together with the greenery of the abundant pastures has made this place since time immemorial a true paradise for cattle ranching full of stories of transhumant shepherds and travelers who, captivated by its uniqueness, wrote stories

The Noguera Pallaresa

The Noguera Pallaresa is the backbone of the Pallars, which crosses it from north to south collecting water from all the valleys of the Alt Pirineu. From its source in the high mountains, its waters flow through placid green valleys and narrow gorges with rocky walls and are home to various aquatic species, such as otters, river trout and dippers.


The old network of paths that connected the towns and these with the mountains currently offer the opportunity to delve into nature and travel to a not so distant past, visiting all corners of the region.

Let yourself be carried away by the more than a thousand paths that will lead you to the discovery of a heritage that will not leave you indifferent. No matter what level you have, you will always find a path to suit you: from small family tours to long high-mountain crossings. And if you are one of the most daring, cross-border paths are your option. And if you want to enjoy a more personalized experience, there will always be a guide willing to make you discover the territory from a different perspective: knowledge of the flora and fauna, observation of the night sky, interpretation of the Romanesque...


Save yourself the laziness and get going! In Pallars Sobirà you will find endless options for adventure sports that will make you experience adrenaline in its purest form.

If you like water, the Noguera Pallaresa, one of the best whitewater rivers in Europe, awaits you with activities such as rafting, canoeing or hydrospeed will make you feel part of the river.

If you like adventure, the gorges/wild ravines and the jumps into the void will make you feel unknown emotions.

If you like tranquility, horseback riding and fishing will bring you closer to nature in a slow and calm way.

If you like to go on wheels, the mountain bike and quad routes will take you into unknown corners from a different perspective.

And if you like personal challenges, the high mountain races and the popular marches that are organized between May and September will activate your mechanism and make you surprise yourself.


If you like snow, Pallars Sobirà is your destination. Grab your team and come experience the snow at any of the ski resorts where, in addition to traditional alpine skiing, you can enjoy Nordic skiing, snowboarding, freestyle or mountain skiing.

But if instead of sliding what you like is to step on snow, snowshoes are the ideal option for you to enjoy nature at your own pace. And if you do it in the company of a guide, you will be surprised by the magical corners that the forest hides.


Do you want to take a trip back in time? The authenticity of the stone villages with slate roofs and wooden balconies will make you live the experience of a journey to its origins. The large number of small hermitages and Romanesque bridges scattered throughout the territory are a living reflection of a legacy that has been preserved intact over time due to its isolation.

And if you still want to know more, you can't miss out on visiting the many museums, exhibitions and workshops that will bring you closer to the richness of a living and surprising culture.


Are you thinking of a family getaway? Come and share with your loved ones a unique experience in an incomparable setting where contact with nature will make you awaken all your senses and rediscover yourself.

The varied proposal of activities for the smallest of the house in the form of parties and festivals, leisure and adventure parks, themed excursions and the support of a good infrastructure of a large number of accommodations will make your stay an experience not to be forgotten..


The beauty of the landscapes of the valleys of the Alt Pirineu is also tasted in the dishes of Pallaresa cuisine, which combine tradition and modernity, without forgetting traditional recipes.

Do you know what tupí or giralla is? They are some of the most typical products of Pallars Sobirà that will surprise your palate. Come and try them in the most traditional restaurants or in the most innovative in the region that will make you enjoy mountain gastronomy like never before.

And for drink? Have a glass of wine from the northernmost vineyards of Catalonia or wash down your meal with a good shot of authentic ratafía.


In winter with the Carnival festivities with typical celebrations such as the Ball de la Passa, in spring with the arrival of meetings and traditional activities such as the cholla and the raising of the cattle to the mountain; coinciding with the summer solstice with popular festivities witnessing ancient pagan rituals such as the descents of fallas and major festivals and in autumn with the celebration of fairs and the descent of the herds.


El Pallars Sobirà offers you a varied offer of accommodation in which you will surely find what best suits your needs, from hotels, apartments, a rural house, campsites and hostels as well as a wide range of restaurants for all tastes and pockets where the family treatment and the daily atmosphere will make you feel at home.

And to make you feel part of our day-to-day life, don't forget to check out our agenda of activities full of proposals for all audiences that will make your stay in El Pallars a unique and unforgettable experience...


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