Escape Room - Perot Rocaguinarda

Turisme Lluçanès. Alpens, Lluçà, Olost, Oristà, Perafita, Prats de Lluçanès,…

An Escape Room dedicated to the bandit Perot Rocaguinarda. A game, clues, riddles and an objective! Delve into the past to discover the most appreciated object of the most famous bandit in Lluçanès.

“Not everything you see is what you get. He has hidden the most important piece of his collection so that only those who are capable of discovering it can enjoy it”.

80 minutes of guaranteed game where you will have to apply all your ingenuity and deduction. Do you dare?

Minimum 4 people, maximum 7 people. Recommended from 12 years.

We wait for you!

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