Province: Girona | Shire: Ripollès | Inhabitants: 256 | Extension: 45,2 Km2 | Altitude: 951 m

In the center of the Ripollès region, Ogassa borders the towns of Ribes de Freser, Pardines, Vilallonga de Ter, Camprodon, San Juan de las Abadesas, Ripoll and Campdevànol. It consists of five neighbors, of which only two are urban centers, Santa María de Vidabona, and Surroca de Baix and the neighborhood of El Prat del Pinter. This municipality is known in Catalonia for the coal mines that were exploited between the end of the 18th century and 1967. These were responsible for the arrival of the railroad in the Ripollès 1880, in order to quickly move the coal to Barcelona.

Another economic factor that helped Ogassa grow were the cement industries Balaguer and Benet.

It also consists of other attractions of tourist visit such as the great diversity of vegetation, thanks to its large extension, which offers the possibility of walking through forests of red pine, oak, beech and birch. In addition to being able to contemplate scrubland areas and high mountain pasture areas, the territory promotes having a diversity of flora that contributes to a very varied fauna. All this makes up exceptional and unique landscapes, making this area an idyllic place. The caves and caves are part of all its appeal that calls to nature lovers, since lush vegetation is created.

The municipality is crossed by numerous torrents, where the abundance of water becomes evident with different sources that sprout within the municipality, called La Nina, Mona, Dou, Can Xisquet, Miner, Fresno and Gran fountain, which They give body to the people. La Nina in 1987 allowed the population to receive a distinction as "Villa in bloom of Catalonia".

An extensive orography allows the hiker to adore the mountains with their respective peaks and enjoy several emblematic points of this situation, such as the Serra Cavallera, located north of the municipality., Where the most important mountains of Ogassa are located. The most emblematic top, highest in the mountains and at the same time inside the Ripollès, is the Taga (2035m), with the characteristic nipple shape, point from which you can see the Ensija mountain range, the Pedraforca, the mountain range del Cadí, Puigllançada and Tossa de Alp. Other summits but of less altitude would be the Puig Estela (2007m), the mount of Coma de Olla (1930m), the mount of the Plan of the Pateras (1893m) and the Portella de Ogas to (1790m). On the other hand, just as important as the rest, this municipality has the mountain of Sant Amand (1854m), a reference point for hikers, located between the Coll de Jou, to the north, and the neck of Coronas or Saltor, at noon. Its presence visible from Vic's flat, makes it known as El Balcón del Ripollès.

The municipality has, in the subsoil, stone materials formed in various geological periods. So, geology fans, Ogassa is their paradise, due to the genesis of coal totally linked to fossils, and this population is packed. This fact, makes Ogassa have a series of monumental details that encompass its land, where you can see summits, fossils and itineraries that perfectly complement this population.

For the most curious, who likes history or the hiker who is interested in knowing the most remote roots of the municipality, Ogassa gives the opportunity to enter the medieval period thanks to all the architectural heritage based on numerous Romanesque churches. To enjoy all the most intimate and personal architecture that these parishes show off makes it essential to visit that of San Julián de Saltor (11th century), Santa María de Vidabona (13th century) and the Santa Barbara chapel (1881 to 1882), the which was built by the miners to protect them from the cumbersome mining task. Other interesting places are the church of San Martín de Ogassa (XI) and Iris Surroca (XI).

Livestock has been and is one of the main sources of income for the economy of the municipality. Most cattle grazing in the communal mountains of Ogassa and Surroca. There is a variety of cattle, but the cows and sheep are the ones that draw the Ogassenc landscape. In summer, they graze in the upper part of the municipality, however, in winter they can be seen on the slopes of lower altitude.

However, the biggest party is the most important event of the population, which takes place on the first weekend of December. There is no lack of masses, sardanas, typical dances and concerts.

The festivities that were held until the formation of the mining centers are related to the primitive churches of the municipality. The brotherhood party is celebrated in summer and lasts for three days, where different activities are designed for all ages and where they enjoy young and old.


Guided tours of the Ogassa Coal Mines


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Guided tours of the Ogassa Coal Mines


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