Hostal la Muntanya Castellar de n'Hug

Plaça Major, 4 Castellar de n'Hug

Castellar de n'Hug went to the sixties of the last century a people who had an economy based on agriculture and livestock subsistence economy. Specifically his family, like most of the population had some animals and farmed family land. Furthermore, the current location of the hostel, was the blacksmith, as all ancestors?? heirs of the house for more than two centuries ago were village blacksmiths.

A mid-twentieth century there was a strong migration from the countryside to the cities and village life was even harder. But with the emergence of the legendary SEAT 600 new possibilities opened to small towns as in the case of Castellar de n'Hug tourism.

Entrepreneurs such as Isidre Ferrer, and Cecilia, hostess and excellent cook, began to make some meals and catering, as there was an excess demand. And that was more than forty years ago when the hostel was born.

The hostel offers different options for the accommodation (rooms and apartments for tourist use).


They have double rooms with extra bed.

All rooms have televisior and services within the room.

Only sleep: from 72 euros (36 euros per person)
Bed and breakfast: from 84 euros (42 euros per person)
Half board: from 110 euros (55 euros per person)
Full board: from 138 euros (69 euros per person) (*)
The room rates are per double room per night (including VAT).

(*) The hostel reserves the right not to make the full board
on special days for reasons of capacity in the restaurant.

Housing for tourist use

The price of the apartment (housing for tourist use) can be 135 euros to 180 euros per night (including VAT). It has a fireplace and all kitchen utensils and microwave oven. The sheets and towels are also included in the price.

This rate is only valid for short periods of time. Prices per night in case of exceeding the week are much more affordable (please contact the hotel if you are interested).


The cuisine is basically homemade Catalan cuisine. It can be defined as cookery, as is the founder of the restaurant.


Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: HCC-002888


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