A trip in the Lakes' Train

A trip in the Lakes' Train

Under the phrase "Seu, look i admire" ("Sit, watch and admire") the Lakes Train invites us to a journey time between land and water and connects Lleida and La Pobla de Segur , following a nostalgic way we go back in time. An atypical transport offer allows us to discover and enjoy the territory through which passes.

Its age and history is one of the main activities of this service as it travels with a classic train is driven by a steam locomotive. Also allows us to enjoy along the route, a landscape of great beauty and many contrasts.

The Lakes Train is an experience that makes evident, sitting from the wagon, the territory of fields, rough and rugged, limestone walls and calm waters ... and bottom, perhaps, the white peaks of the Pyrenees.

The train passes close to the lakes of Sant Llorenç de Montgai and Camarasa, through crags and even, on occasion allows us to stretch our legs as the train has 17 stops that give us the opportunity to discover some of the towns where parking .

The train awaits us, it's time to go!

The start of the journey

From the station Lleida being now you can hear a train whistle classic and watch a cloud of white smoke that emerges from a locomotive. All this indicates that the Lakes Train is about to leave.

The Garrafeta, train dels Llacs The locomotive that will accompany us for Balaguer to La Pobla de Segur , be our guide along this route as it is dragging front four cars and we shall go up steep slopes.

The Lakes Train is in operation since 2007 using the infrastructure of an old railway line that connects Lleida and La Pobla de Segur since 1975.

The train, too, is a restored historic train by the Association for Reconstruction and Commissioning of Railway Historical Material (ARMF) located in Lleida .

Once the train starts we can go the path of Lleida to La Pobla de Segur starting from Segrià, crossing the Noguera and Montsec and pushing into the Pallars Jussà.

The first section we will follow the river Segre and observe the fruit trees irrigated with waters. Amid this landscape, we will leave towns like Vilanova de la Barca , Vallfogona de Balaguer , Térmens and Alcoletge .

But previously, station Lleida , the theater group "The Zipper" We will welcome all passengers.

Next Stop: Balaguer and Montsec

Both the river Segre Noguera Pallaresa as defined the way forward for the Train of the Lakes, and have influenced its name because its route is characterized by natural areas with water.

Balaguer (El Tren dels llacs) Once in Balaguer , the landscape changes. Change the Segre river Noguera Pallaresa, fruit trees for mountain areas and the plain of the Montsec Segre.

The Montsec, which is characterized by limestone mountains and the spectacular gorges of Mont-rebei and Terradets, left reflect this hidden lakes and precedes since in this part of the journey the train will splash water with four different.

From Balaguer and only 12 miles away will come to the Camarasa reservoir which has a length of 20 kilometers and joins us from the Montsec to the confluence of water from the Segre and Noguera Pallaresa.

However, we must be alert and not to confuse this with the reservoir of Sant Llorenç de Montgai, which will be behind before.

The Lakes Train moves on playing the reservoir top off Cellers and where Terradets Gorge.

And finally, is soaked in the reservoir of Sant Antoni, also known as swamp Talarn, which welcomes us to the town of La Pobla de Segur . Add that this is one of the largest reservoirs of Catalonia.

Also, in these four natural areas is possible to practice water sports. Perhaps, from the window of some of the cars we see someone paddling or cooling off in the swamps.

Arrival in La Pobla de Segur

Pobla de Segur (Tren dels llacs) After a journey of almost two hours, enjoying the splendid natural beauty of the route, the Lakes Train comes to a climax.

This stretched from Balaguer by the locomotive, comes to La Pobla de Segur , having passed through towns like Tremp and Pallars Salàs .

In La Pobla de Segur can stroll through the old town made ??up of two streets, visit the oil mill and Modernista Casa Mauri and get into the museum Raiers.

Dels Raiers Cultural Centre (Museu dels Raiers) Typically, too, in the month of September is celebrated every Saturday Train Market, which is located in Station Square and welcomes stops with crafts and food products from the area.

The Lakes Train even ending their journey in the town of La Pobla de Segur , has scheduled the return trip. The train returns to Balaguer and Lleida , usually mid-afternoon (about 17:30 h.). However, if you wish to extend the tour, you can spend the night in the town and also visit the Vall Fosca or even go as far Salàs Pallars and visit the Shops - Museum so that nostalgic trip in time is much deeper.

Some interesting facts and trivia

  • The train runs only, from April to October.
  • It is advisable, before starting the journey, timetables and circulating only on Saturdays.
  • Train capacity is limited, therefore we recommend an advance booking.
  • The line has 17 stops but you can only get tickets for ride stations Lleida Pyrenees and Balaguer.
  • The duration of the journey, without stopping in any population, is one hour and fifty minutes.
  • The train, along the journey, passing through 40 tunnels and 75 bridges.

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