El Tren dels Llacs Àger, Alcoletge, Balaguer, La…

It is a historical train with vintage locomotives and cars, specifically from 1968, which will transport us through a nostalgic experience from Lleida to La Pobla de Segur, crossing the regions of Segrià, La Noguera and Pallars Jussà. This route was the result of a railway project that would link Lleida with Saint Girons (Occitania), but unfortunately the project never finished prospering. Thus, in 2005, the line was acquired by the Generalitat and managed by Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), which enabled it for tourist uses and the Tren dels llacs was born.

In a route of almost 90 kilometers and with a duration of approximately two hours, the Train of the Lakes is undoubtedly a unique and obligatory experience for those who like nature. Following the Segre river and leaving the fields of crops behind, crossing four reservoirs (San Llorenç, Camarasa, Cellers and Sant Antoni), and climbing the vertical stones of cliffs and gorges of the Mont-roig and Montsec mountains, the landscape is a true photogenic spectacle where you can be impressed by nature.

Do you want to enjoy the Train of the Lakes? Check the schedules and additional information, in www.trendelsllacs.cat, para planificar su experiencia


Doing a total of 22 circulations this 2021, you can make the route with the Historic Train that runs on non-holiday Saturdays from April 3 to October 3 or with the Panoramic Train that does only 4 circulations, on the 24th and 31st of July and on the 7th and 14th of August. Trains will take you from Lleida or Balaguer to La Pobla de Segur, crossing the following municipalities along these 89 kilometers: Alcoletge, Vilanova de la Barca, Térmens, Vallfogona de Balaguer, Balaguer, Gerb, San Llorenç de Montgai, Vilanova de la Sal, Santa Linya, Ager, Bodegas-Llimiana, Guardia de Tremp, Palau de Noguera, Tremp, Salàs and Pobla de Segur.

In addition, during the journey, which is a true engineering masterpiece, you will pass through more than 40 tunnels and 75 bridges.


The natural and cultural wealth of the entire surroundings of the Llacs Train means that there is a great diversity of activities and experiences for families, groups of friends or couples.

From astronomical observation in the Montsec Astronomical Park, through the discovery of dinosaurs, water activities for sports lovers or contemplative routes to discover the cultural and natural heritage of the area, the Tren dels Llacs offers you different proposals for both those who you want to enjoy a day trip as for those who have more time and want to take advantage of the whole weekend.


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