Xplore Girona is a company that is dedicated to making Urban Escape Rooms in the city of Girona. All escapes are adapted to the group (according to the number of people and difficulty).

The mission of the heroines of Santa Barbara...

Gerona. 1808 - 1809. Our city was invaded by the French army, and a company of 200 women fought against the invader until they drove him out. Alfonso XIII in reward for the heroic feat gave a diamond to each member of this company. What no one knows is that these 200 women decided to continue fighting but in secret and for the rest of the centuries to date.

Now, one of those diamonds has mysteriously disappeared and it is up to you to recover it. You will have to travel in time to the dark nights of the War of Independence, and move between betrayals, spies and the discovery of new secrets, to find the Santa Barbara diamond.

Will you solve this centuries-old mystery to restore joy to its rightful owner?

The prices are for the Box option (telematic gamemaster):

  • From 4 to 6 people = €80
  • 7 people = €100
  • 8 people = €120
  • 9 people = €140
  • 10 people = €160
  • More than 10 people, contact directly.

Do not miss it!

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