Tela Marinera Palamós

Plaça Moll Comercial, 3 Palamós

Tela Marinera is a seafaring past, sailing to Latin sailing... It is an offer for those who want to rescue the historical values ​​and the maritime tradition of the Catalan coast.

With its boats and crews, Tela Marinera offers various activities related to navigation: pedagogical, tourist, sport, recreational, gastronomic, cultural...

The navigation of Tela Marinera is an active navigation. The crew participate in the journey: take part in the maneuvers, issen the sails, take the helm and enjoy life on board... recovering an old way of sailing.

In the surroundings of our coast and aboard the Raphael, an average boat of 1915, the crew will be able to submerge in the making of the seafarers; to the navigation of that time in which the Latin sail was the main motor for the frames that crossed our waters.

In any case, what Tela Marinera offers are not hurried, crowded visitors, but the possibility of enjoying traditional sailing, quietly, without stress, with classic boats, where the history of the men who sailed on board were barraixa with a geographical and cultural landscape that is always the protagonist of our singladuras


If you want to rent one of our boats, always with crew and for as long as you want you just have to ask for a quote. We will adjust to your priorities, personalizing to the maximum your departure by boat because it becomes a unique and very special event for you, your family, friends, etc.

Business meetings, celebrations, birthdays, parties, weddings, etc. Imagine what you want and we will try to make it happen... We put at your disposal some unique boats, classic and with Olta history, with capacity from 5 to 25 passengers.

Remember that we have base in the port of Palamós, but we can move as far as you want. If necessary, we can handle hiring a catering or if Pefer can also take you.


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