Climb Pedraforca with Octavi Climbing Guide

The Pedraforca massif offers us an endless number of itineraries with a wide range of technical difficulties that allow us to explore its walls and ridges through fissures, plates, chimneys, dihedrals...

The untamed and majestic north face of the Calderer, where we find some of the oldest and most emblematic routes of the mountain such as the Estasen, the Gran Diedre or the Homedes. The monolithic south face with one of the best limestone in the Pyrenees, where foot grip prevails, with routes as mythical as the Estimball, the Pany-Haus, the Anglada-Guillamón or the Camino del Tro. The north face of the Pollegó Inferior, a less frequented but no less spectacular wall, with routes as classic as the Font, the Cañellas-Faus-Estorach or the Solstici d'Estiu. El Roget, an orange wall at the base of the south face, just above the town of Saldes, allows us to enjoy high-quality rock climbing with routes as spectacular as La Prima.

At the same time, the Pedra offers us itineraries of great beauty such as the Cueva de los Talibanes or the Gran Diagonal that allow us to ascend through technical yet affordable terrain to the top of Pollegó Inferior. Or the Cabirols Ridge, an itinerary with a great high mountain atmosphere, which runs through the peaks of Cabirols, Gat, Calderer and with the possibility of extending the activity to the top of Pollegó Superior.

That is why I encourage you to climb Pedraforca!


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