Bodegues Sumarroca Subirats

Barri El Rebato, Crta. de Sant Sadurní a Gelida, km. 15. Subirats

Between Sant Sadurní and Gelida, we have three farms that make a total of 460ha. Molino Coloma, an old paper mill of the XVI century and 35ha of vineyard around it; Heretat Sabartés, with a 19th century palace and 25 hectares of vineyards. The third, and the largest, is the so-called Finca Sumarroca with 406 ha and a Romanesque church of the 11th century in the middle.

This allows us to organize all kinds of activities and experiences in our vineyards, apart from the visit to the winery and the tastings. We offer barbecues in the vineyard, breakfasts, parties and concerts... And, of course! the special experiences that we organize to celebrate the different cycles of the vineyard: Spring Festival, teach pruning, harvesting etc.

Also combined visits to the winery with our cultural environment, to enjoy an entire morning in the open air, as with the town of Torreramona, the Castle of Gelida or the beautiful coastal town of Sitges.

The involvement of the family with our visitors has always been very important. Come and enjoy with us the magnificent world of viticulture and culture.

Merçè Sumarroca, Director of wine tourism.


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