Province: Girona
Shire: Gironès
Inhabitants: 7915
Extension: 76,4 Km2
Altitude: 160 m

Llagostera, which is located at the southern end of the county of Selva, is a town of 8,000 inhabitants located 20 km from Girona and 15 minutes from the best beaches of the Costa Brava, it is why he is known as the gateway to the Costa Brava. The village borders the municipalities of Santa Cristina d'Aro, Caldes de Malavella, Tossa de Mar and Cassa de la Selva.

East, Llagostera is integrated into the wooded area of the Gavarres massif (PEIN), while in the north and northwest delves into a plain crops. At the southern end, much of the municipality occupies the bulk of the Ardenya, a natural area of great ecological and scenic interest.

Its strategic location has made ​​it a land of passage and connecting the interior with the Costa Brava. Llagostera can be reached by road C-65, from Girona to Sant Feliu de Guixols by the GI-674 Caldes de Malavella or the C-35 Tossa and Vidreres, road links with the motorway AP -7.

As for the town's history, from the Paleolithic is aware of inhabited within the area currently occupied by the municipal cores. During medieval times, Llagostera-only shaped by the old town by Wall- circles it came barony in 1375. From the eighteenth century thanks to a prolific cork industry, which was for many years the engine of the economy, there has Llagostera stopped growing to become today in a town of 8,000 inhabitants.

The town offers visitors tranquility and beauty of natural surroundings of the protected areas in the massifs of Les Gavarres and Cadiretes Puig. Apart from a walk -a walking, cycling, riding in our,...- visitors also can let loose on the town and enjoy different tourist proposals. A walk through the old town of Llagostera can take a tour of several buildings with an important historical interest, some of them listed as National Interest.

Route of the Wall includes, among others, the Church of San Felix (s. XVII), the castle (s. XIV-XV), the viewpoint of the Castle Square and the viewpoint of the Tower of Jail, both offering visitors a view of the Gavarres and the Pyrenean foothills. The Interpretation Centre of the history of Llagostera, Can Chiefs, is a dynamic and active equipment that invites the visitor to discover the three most significant people of the past. It is located in Can Chieftains, a house built leveraging one of the towers of the medieval walls of the fourteenth century.

Throughout the race the center also find modernist buildings, novecentista or fruit of the economic boom resulting from the cork industry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as the Casino Llagosterenc, the Agricultural or Can Coris, that form the call Architectural route.

Llagostera out in the region for its wide range of socio-cultural activities, some of which go beyond the purely local level. They exemplify the following shows:

  • The Roman market. On Palm Sunday, the Roman Market offers visitors a step back in time through a market with traditional products manaies camp, demonstrations of archery, belly dance, activities with horses, gladiatorial combat, playground, fire show, Roman cuisine and many more activities.
  • Beat Fair. Every year in late July Llagostera celebrates the Feast of Harvest and threshing. This is an initiative of groups of farmers, farmers and hunters Llagostera order to show what their task and how tradition come. Among the activities planned, there are demonstrations of churning, wood chopping competition, concentration of antique cars and motorcycles, folk music, parades of giants, fair trade in the Union of Traders, cow milking contest, etc.
  • Mushroom Fair. For fair par excellence of the surrounding region. Each October 12 Llagostera celebrates Fair mushroom with a series of activities that stretch throughout the day in the old part of town. You can find a traditional market, mushroom hunting competitions, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, awards... In 2012 the tenth anniversary was celebrated, consolidating the Fair with more than 15,000 visitors.

Throughout the year, 4 Llagostera organized gastronomic events, linked with fairs mentioned above, that promote indigenous and seasonal products through the various menus you propose Llagostera restaurants attached to the Restaurant Association.

For Santa traditional to the most daring inspired by the cuisine of the Roman dishes week. The campaign is part of the activities and the Roman Easter Market is held every year on Palm Sunday.

Coinciding with the Festival of Llagostera restaurants prepare and offer various menus with the most typical and traditional Catalan cuisine.

In late July and framed within the acts of the traditional Fair Beat Llagostera restaurants offering summer dishes, fresh and traditional products of field and orchard.

Mushroom Fair (October 12 of each year) gives the starting signal for the Gastronomic Mushroom where mushrooms are the main protagonists of the menus. Llagostera has a great tradition rooted mushrooms for centuries thanks to the fruitful forests of the Gavarres and Ardenya from which the precious eggs kings and priced and always tasty chanterelles and mushrooms.

In addition, throughout the year, especially in summer, various cultural activities, concerts and theater as well as popular dances and dinners are organized.

Between late May and early June (seven weeks after Easter), the biggest party in Llagostera is celebrated. They are five days to enjoy leisure and boast of people, projecting a sign of identity, tradition and modernity. Among the events of the Festival of Llagostera we can find Sardana, dances, concerts, theater, firework, tents entities, wheelbarrow race, black pudding contest, children chocolate...

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