Caldes de Malavella

Province: Girona
Shire: La Selva
Inhabitants: 6920
Extension: 57,3 Km2
Altitude: 84 m

Caldes de Malvella located midway of the Costa Brava and the Sierra de las Guilleries, the plain of the Forest, rich in contrasts, heritage and tradition. Therefore Caldes de Malavella, is located in a strategic communications , and therefore, has always been a place of passage and ground traces.'s trail all the civilizations that have inhabited our country is present in the villa.

In Caldes can spend hours and hours scouring the hiking trails and different routes for urban heritage known. But if after long walks need even more relaxation, the waters of the town, well-known healing properties, they provide hydrotherapy treatment from hot water sources or from our resorts.

A little history ...

The origins of the village date back to the Paleolithic Caldes higher, a fact that has been known recently thanks to the excavations that have been carried out in the Puig de les Ànimes.'s Finding a fossilized bovid, Caldes shows that it was a place of step, as in the hunting season moved following the herds of animals and had to stop in places where there is water.

But not until the s. BC when the waters start to explode. Pioneers are the Romans who, in time of Emperor Augustus built a bath house in the Puig de Sant Grau and Puig de les Ànimes, the then AQUAE CALIDAE where visitors arriving the Via Augusta as benefiting hydrotherapy. The Fall of the Roman Empire and the barbarian entry to the village of Caldes lead a time of rebellion and economic and social crises that make depopulation there is a mountain migrations. use therapeutic water is wasted away and the repopulation that occurs with the entry of the feudal system and the release of land by Jaume I. We are aware that the XV century building a hospital for the poor, which had previously been the baths, reappearing thermal activity. But not until after the war of succession in the s. eighteenth governors claimed the resurgence of water exploitation.

The healing properties of the waters, rich in phosphorus and minerals, have been the unifying factor of the old population around Aquae claim Calidae and vacationers in search of thermal treatments. The construction of the two resorts of the people, the VICHY CATALAN (1891) and Prats ("Bathrooms Prats", 1840), and functioning at 100% throughout the year is a clear example of the effect of the water magnet. Y are the first swimmers of these spas, mainly artists, aristocrats and burghers of Barcelona, ??who at the end of s. nineteenth and early s. twentieth contribute to the growth of Caldes de Malavella, built around the Rambla de Recolons their second homes modernist. Onsite Villa Rosita, the Bell-Being and the house where he was born and lived Francisco Mas y Ros, sardanas illustrious composer, son of the village of Caldes.

The Caldes today. What can we do? ...

BTT / WALKING: In Caldes de Malavella have 2 hiking trails (Riera Benaula and Riera de Santa Maria), 3 mountain bike routes (Onyar Fields, St Maurice and the Chapels Road) and 3 mixed routes (The Great Water ways of the region of La Selva), are intermediate routes and length of 9-39 km.
Take special interest of the Chapels Route which leads through St. Maurice, St. Seclina, St. Sebastian, and St. Andreu Salou Franciac. Tours are deep into lush forests full of streams and out to the plain of the Jungle to enjoy fantastic views over the region.

HERITAGE: At the heart of the town, between streets and alleys, we found a number of architectural gems. Remains Romans, as the baths of s. AD (declared historical monument of national interest). Medieval architecture such as the walls of the old castle Caldes with 3 towers of s. XII, Cal Ferrer medieval houses of the Plaza, Cal Pepper, Can Trelles or lice Square, the Old Market Square. If we enter the Rambla de la Rambla Recolons and d 'in Rufino see, almost on both sides, modernist and neoclassical buildings of the early vacationers s. twentieth and, nearby, the apses, Lombard style, of the parish church of s. XI, dedicated to St. Stephen, Caldes pattern.

DINING: The region of the Forest is a place of contrasts, as all of Catalonia, but here revised and extended.'s Cuisine is no less. Dishes are enjoyed harmonious and exquisite results; salsafins chicken, goose with pears, duck orange, strawberry jam boar, chicken with plums, partridges with cabbage, snails, veal with mushrooms. All washed down with water from Caldes. And for dessert a good Tortada of Malavella cookies vichy, Texas de Sant Grau, Rocs Sant Maurici and a splash of ratafía, to make a "sucamulla".

SPA: Caldes waters collected much of the rainfall in a certain area of La Selva. Infiltration occurs because there are many fractures in the granite. Water down to about 1000 meters and in the course of this decline warms up and acquires its properties. The common origin of the springs of Caldes can be grouped into three cores: Puig of Souls, the hill of Puig de Sant Grau and Moleres. In each of these springs have various sources, from cold water and hot water, as the source of the Mine, the Sant Narcis and kettles source, where the water flows between 56 ° and 60 °.

These warm waters collected charred the bottlenecks and spas, which offer hydrothermal treatment and relaxation packages, weight loss, stress, moisturizers and beauty.

GOLF: A must stop in Caldes de Malavella by stalwarts of golf, whether you are professional or amateurs. We PGA Golf de Catalunya, Catalunya the only field in the ranking of the 10 best courses in Europe, is an 18-hole (Par72), renowned for the beauty of the routes and the special, unique in Spain, to have five sets of tees for each hole. And Franciac PITCH & PUTT, par-3 and 18-hole course, with magnificent facilities for the whole family.

SIGHTSEEING: If all routes walks or village center not yet have enough, you are invited to meet the people from the hand of a tour guide of the Government. I will walk along the story for two hours under a funny and entertaining guide, knowing different landmarks, legends and those details that we love and that we escape with just a look haphazard.

You can enjoy these tours, different and faceciosos, every Sunday at 11am in the morning. Duration of the visit is about 1.30 and the visit is extended with a visit to the exhibition on paleontological El Camp dels Ninots, one of the most important in Europe.


The Legend of the Malavella ...

Many years ago, when Caldes de Malvella called Caldes just yet, the villagers were well frightened because a monstrous creature half man half wolf prowling the streets, entered the houses of the people and took the kids. But this was not the only problem with the people of Caldes. Everybody had to pay a tax tiresome (chickens, sacks of flour, corn and other things) to the feudal lady. This lady lived in a big castle. said that such an ugly, hunchbacked and poor around the world known as "bad vella" (poor old)!

One day he came to the town a very savvy guy named Maurici. Maurici wanted to find a good job in town but no one gave. Townspeople advised him to go to the castle of the "bad vella" so one afternoon decided going. He opened the door a hunchback, his servant and told him that if he wanted to work, I could start working. Slowly he became aware that in the castle very strange things happened.

One night Maurici seen leaving the hunchback of home and followed him without seeing him. Went to the village and once there, the hunchback took the bag she was wearing a wolf costume and put it on. Was up to a house by the window and came out with the bag full! Maurici had discovered that the horrible beast was the hunchback only wearing a wolf costume.

Continued following him until they reached the castle kitchen. Hunchback pulled the child from the bag and put it in a cage. What would the child? Then he knew. The Hunchback put a big pot to boil with intent to boil. Had to cook every night, a child's heart to "bad vella" I had a pact with the devil and if you eat a tender heart every night had power over farmers Caldes.

The brave Maurici when he saw that the water was boiling and humpback slapped and ... into the pot! Let go the child to go to warn people of the village and ... when the hunchback had cooked, he took the heart and took it to the owner of the castle. was so famous, as always, but the first bite and realized that this heart was not as tender as the other. Maurici faced him and told him that was the heart of hunchback. "Bad vella" ordered the guards he was caught, but at that time all the people came Caldes who had been advised by the child.

The "bad vella" to see the castle ran screaming back, back! ... But never came back.

After checking the "bad vella" the people held a big party that Mauritius was the hero.

And every year at Sant Maurici Caldes people up to the ruins of the castle to remember and give thanks to his bravery. Remember this party the day that the "bad vella" and his entourage disappeared forever from Caldes.

De Caldes .... of Malavella.

City Council Caldes de Malavella

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