La Segarra, land of castles

Els Plans de Sió, Torà, Torrefeta i Florejacs

The region of La Segarra is known as the "land of castles" due to the large number of fortifications that rise up. In the XI-XII centuries in this place, crossed…

Route of the Castles of Sió

Cervera, Els Plans de Sió, Montornès de Segarra, Ossó de Sió ...

The Route of the Castles of the Sió runs basically by a flat zone furrowed by the river Sió. It is an MTB itinerary of low difficulty, with a route…

Guissona dry stone route

Guissona (a 8 Km)

This self-guided tour follows part of the route of the Guissona Greenway and will allow you to get to know the environment in all its historical and heritage richness.…

The Greenway of Guissona

Guissona (a 8 Km)

The Guissona Greenway is a circular route of about 17 km where we can enjoy the views of the town from the four cardinal points. Walk around the town of Guissona…

Guissona Heritage Route

Guissona (a 8 Km)

The urban planning of Guissona constitutes in itself a patrimonial element since the structure of the old town is the clearest reflection of the last thousand years…

Cistercian Route: gastronomy in Vallbona de les Monges

Agramunt, Guimerà, Llorac, Maldà ... (a 8.6 Km)

On this route we suggest you visit the Monastery of Santa María de Vallbona de las Monjas, a female monastery that is included in the Cistercian Route. We…

Entering the valley of Sau - Collsacabra

Agramunt, Folgueroles, Rupit i Pruit, Tavertet (a 8.6 Km)

At the eastern end of the Osona, just 50 km from the Mediterranean Sea, lies a natural region crescent shape that appeals to many for their attractive looks. We…

1714 Route

Barcelona, Cardona, Cervera, Els Prats de Rei ... (a 12 Km)

Since 1980 Catalonia is celebrated National Day on September 11. This holiday commemorates the defeat suffered by the Catalan people against the troops of Philip…

The Aquelarre of Cervera

Cervera (a 12 Km)

The last Saturday in August, Cervera celebrates one of the most unique festivals and more followers of Catalunya, the Coven. This term comes from the Basque language…

From San Ramon to Cervera, crossing the southern Segarra

Cervera, Les Oluges, Sant Ramon (a 12 Km)

Halfway between the Central Catalonia and the Lleida we find the plateau of the Segarra, an area with a landscape marked by gentle slopes, with a stranglehold of…

Culture and legends of Ponent in the heart of Catalonia by electric…

Calaf, Cervera, Manresa, Mollerussa ... (a 12 Km)

This route is designed to be done by electric vehicle, although it can be done with any other car. Along the route we will suggest municipalities that have charging…

The Ignatian Way

Cervera, Igualada, Manresa (a 12 Km)

The path that recalls the journey that Ignacio de Loyola, as a knight, made in 1522 from Loyola, in the Basque Country, to Manresa, finds his last steps in the…

Camino de Santiago: from Sant Esteve d'en Bas in Cervera

Artés, Cervera, Igualada, L'Estany ... (a 12 Km)

At the end of the last century, the Catalan sections of the millenary and well-known route of the Camino de Santiago (99 km and +) began to be recovered. Today…

The passions

Cervera, Esparreguera, Olesa de Montserrat, Sant Hilari Sacalm ... (a 12 Km)

Catalonia is a country with a wide range of customs and traditions. Almost every month of the year there is a festivity to celebrate that makes us travel through…

Trying the 1714 food

Barcelona, Cardona, Cervera, Els Prats de Rei ... (a 12 Km)

The 1714 was a year that marked the Catalan region: culture, traditions, people and also gastronomy. This was important because it was the fuel that gave strength…

Urgell Canal pedal route

Arbeca, Balaguer, Castellserà, Juneda ... (a 13.5 Km)

Discover Lleida's plans by pedaling through the Urgell Canal, the most important hydraulic infrastructure work in the history of Catalonia, which changed the appearance…

Sanaüja route

Sanaüja (a 15.8 Km)

In the following lines we will take you to visit a city that is far from sure of the first in number of tourists, but, I assure you, keeps a large number of attractions…

Culture and adventure in the Rialb Reservoir

Bassella, La Baronia de Rialb, Oliana, Peramola ... (a 17 Km)

The Rialb reservoir, located in the regions of La Noguera and Alt Urgell, has become an ideal place for tourism, as it allows to combine contact with nature and…

Route of the Cercavins River

Montoliu de Segarra, Montornès de Segarra (a 18.1 Km)

The river Cercavins is born on the coasts of the Sierra de Suró (790 m) and runs through the terms of Montoliu de Segarra and Montornès de Segarra,…

Route of the Plans

Montoliu de Segarra, Montornès de Segarra (a 18.1 Km)

The route leaves from Montornès de Segarra and circulates through the various plains that border the valley of the Cercavins between north and south, passing…

Route of the Cercavins

Montoliu de Segarra, Montornès de Segarra (a 18.1 Km)

The Ruta del Cercavins is a path of just over 13 km, with departure and arrival point in Montornès de Segarra and runs through the terms of Montoliu and…

Route astronomical observatories of Catalonia

Àger, Albanyà, Esterri d'Àneu, Olivella ... (a 19.2 Km)

To look at the sky has never been boring, there is not a single day that we find the clouds in the same position, we observe clearly all the stars or the moon shines…

Ivars Lake and Vila-sana Route

Penelles (a 19.3 Km)

The Ivars and Vila-sana pond is a surprising natural space due to its large dimensions. Recovered in 2005 after it was dried out in 1951, it has become the most…

Wine Route: Costers del Segre

Alfarràs, Artesa de Segre, Balaguer, Foradada ... (a 19.3 Km)

As has been said repeatedly, Catalonia is a land of contrasts, while even the fruits it gives are varied and diverse as the geographical area where they are grown.…


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