Wine Route: Costers del Segre

Wine Route: Costers del Segre

As has been said repeatedly, Catalonia is a land of contrasts, while even the fruits it gives are varied and diverse as the geographical area where they are grown.

The wine sector and exemplified. In all there are eleven Catalan territory designations of origin, which occupy an area, approximately, 70,000 acres that have generated that Catalonia will become the largest producer of quality wine Spanish state.

This month we propose femTurisme know one of eleven Appellations by visiting their wineries walks history and its municipalities.

(See map " The Priorat wine lands ")

We propose to discover part of the territory of Lleida and the Designation of Origin (DO) Costers del Segre, which features a Catalan wine routes are more robust.

So take advantage and step into the world of wine making a promenade that links the food and culture and identity where the drop is given by the wines produced in this territory.

Wine production in Lleida

Denominació Costers del Segre, Ruta dels vins The beginnings of cultivation of vineyards in the area date back leridano presumably the Iberian period but not until the nineteenth century that experienced a proliferation of it. Subsequently, it is interrupted by the phylloxera plague causing a reduction of the plantation between 1895 and 1909.

The wineries and producers did not abandon the cultivation leridanos but new varieties of grapes grown and kept the wine landscape west province can enjoy today, assorted wines derived from these vines planted.

Geographical and varietal diversity is also different within the territory of the DO. Therefore, this is divided into seven subzones different Segrià, Raïmat Artesa de Segre, Urgell, Pallars, Valls del Riu Corb and Garrigues. Of these seven we walk through four of them.

The Segrià

Celler Les Graveres (Costers del Segre) The route starts in the village of Alfarràs , which is part of subarea Segrià wine. This subzone, located in the plain of Lleida, is characteristic of drylands.

In this town we can approach to viticulture by wine tasting winery produces Gravera. This winery is known for cultivating vines surrounded by stones which then produce wines of quality and ecological.

The winery is a spectacle for the eye as for the palate. It has won several awards in relation to their wines as well as the design of your cellar.

The space that houses the winery was a former agricultural warehouse that was located next to an old gravel pit.


Bodegues Raïmat (Costers del Segre) The subzone of Segrià is very close to that of Raimat. For this reason, we can not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting wineries in the same. We refer to the warehouse that has the same name as his sub, the winery Raimat. It is located in the town of Lleida , specifically adding Raïmat.

This winery was designed in 1914 by the owner of Codorniu but not built until 1918. Since then it has maintained its dedication to the world of wine with facilities that blend tradition and modernity.

The winery is Art Nouveau and its construction was a huge architectural project, there was still so great that even to embezzle a hill.

Perform a walk through the vineyards also becomes an adventure as they occupy nearly 2,500 acres. This dimension make the biggest and most important winery of the DO.

On the farm you can also admire and enter Raimat Castle.


Sio dels Costers Bodega (Costers del Segre) We know the subzone of Urgell hand Costers the family winery of Sio. This winery is located in Balaguer , particularly in an area of the Ribera del Sio is called Flix. For this reason, the winery is called, also, Estate of Flix.

The Costers del Sio started production in 1998 when the owner held hand planting the first vineyard known today as "Old Vine".

With this initiative, the owner recovered strains growing in the area and won, and still does, fine wines by the characteristics of the bank; different soils, shallow and silty loam.

Currently, there are 71 hectares of this crop. Although the farm covers an area of ??700 hectares, in addition to producing wine are conducted agricultural activities - farming, olive trees, cereals, sheep and cattle, etc..

The space where the winery and all the farm also has a past, as were the old stables and book of the Counts of Urgell.

Castell del Remei cellars (Costers del Segre) Another winery of great magnitude and charm and we can not forget to visit are Bodegas del Castell del Remei that are located within the municipality of Penelles , in subarea de l'Urgell.

The origin of these wineries are located in 1780 when they were built by the family Girona. These consist of six terraced buildings that are presided over by the castle.

The landscape, a castle surrounded by vineyards, wineries reminiscent of the style "châteaux" typical of the French wine regions such as Bordeaux.

Also, in the vicinity of the Castle lies the Sanctuary of Remedy, an old mill and other structures and elements of agricultural activities that have been developed.

And also, the Castell del Remei restaurant located just across from the wineries.

The wines on the table

Foradada (Ruta dels dels vins Costers del Segre) Sure you are wondering where you can taste wines from the Costers del Segre combined with enjoying good food and history.

Well, in the town of Foradada , near Artesa de Segre , find the restaurant La Solana which combines all these elements.

It is housed in an old mansion preserved 1841 year rose between Carlist Wars.

The building, before becoming the current restaurant, was a home and later adopted a welcoming public building character, then, a school, a coffee and dances and even the doctor.

The restaurant has a good wine cellar where you will find a varied selection of wines belonging to the Costers del Segre.

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