Astronomical observatory route of Catalonia

Astronomical observatory route of Catalonia

Looking at the sky has never been boring, there is not a single day that we find the clouds in the same position, we clearly observe all the stars or the moon shines equally. In Catalonia we like to look at the sky, and not only at a meteorological level, that too, but to glimpse the Universe that exists beyond the clouds, and about which we still don't know so many things!

Since time immemorial, human beings have felt the need to look at the sky and answer the questions that were asked of us. Astronomy, the science that has studied the universe and the celestial bodies or stars for millennia, was born with this intention. From this point, astronomical observatories emerged, created for research, training and dissemination in the astronomical field.

In Catalonia we find a wide range of astronomical observatories spread throughout the territory, some of them located in places that enjoy exceptional conditions for astronomical observation, or in other words, areas accredited with the Starlight seal, endorsed by UNESCO and which measures, among other parameters, the transparency of the sky, its luminosity and the so-called "seeing", that is, the distorting effect of the atmosphere on the images of objects.

The Pyrenees, the Montsec mountain range, Gavarres and Alt Empordà are some of the areas that enjoy this appreciated accreditation. Therefore, they are areas where there are many astronomical observation points, to which are also added regions such as Berguedà, Bages or Osona. If what you are looking for is a plan tailored to your needs, you can always choose a point on the map considered an astronomical observation point, arrive by car and let yourself be seduced by the sky. In these cases it is very important to check the weather situation beforehand and take warm clothing to avoid getting cold during the observation.

Next we will tour the country looking for the most impressive astronomical observatories to learn what the night is like through the most powerful telescopes, and enjoy activities and workshops designed to learn with the whole family.

Montsec Astronomical Park

Montsec Astronomical Park The Sierra del Montsec, located in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, has been recognized for many years as one of the places that show exceptional astronomical observation conditions both due to its meteorological conditions and the low impact of light pollution. You can enjoy the Ojo del Montsec 3D, a digital 3D multimedia planetarium with a 12-meter-diameter mobile dome that will leave visitors speechless. You will also find the telescope park, where you will observe the most outstanding objects of the night: the Moon, the planets, the nebulae...


Pujalt Observatory

Pujalt Observatory The Pujalt Observatory, managed by the Ernest Guille y Moliné Foundation, has the main support of the Pujalt City Council. The main objectives of the Observatory are to disseminate and teach science and carry out scientific research. This is carried out by carrying out meteorology and astronomy courses for schools and adults, astronomical observations for the general public with complementary explanations of astronomy, talks on science and also on energy.

Pujalt Observatory

The team at the Garraf Astronomical Observatory offers a series of Astronomy activities accessible to all audiences throughout the year. They represent for many, the first contact with the practice of astronomical observation. In an entertaining and educational way we will learn to observe the sky, interpret its basic movements and identify the stars. We will resolve doubts, asking about those questions that have always intrigued us: knowing how to orient ourselves in the sky, distinguishing the stars from the planets,

The outreach sessions are helped by a modern digital planetarium Digitarium, a simulation tool that will allow us to explore the sky from ancient times to the future, from the horizons of Garraf to those of any other place on Earth!

Albanyà Astronomical Observatory

r207_albanya The Albanyà Observatory is completely automated and has state-of-the-art astronomical equipment, including the largest telescope in the province of Girona. Its advanced facilities allow everything from the dissemination of astronomy, for the uninitiated public, to scientific research, for professional astronomers.

One of the observatory's most exclusive activities is the nighttime astronomical baptisms, a unique sensory experience. It is an audiovisual tour of the sky adapting the content of the astronomical baptism to the meteorological circumstances of the moment and, to the time of year in which we find ourselves, so that the experience is completely enriching.

The Gavarres Astronomical Observatory

Located on the top floor of the Sanctuary of the Angels of Girona, this space was created with the intention of bringing the world of astronomy and astronomical observation closer to anyone who is curious to learn about this wonderful science. We find the inflatable planetarium a teaching resource that helps us bring Astronomy closer to the little ones, but also to those who are not so young.

Castelltallat Astronomical Observatory

Located in an unpopulated area between Bages and Solsonès, the location of the Observatory, just under 1000 meters high and far from any urban center, makes it a privileged place for observing the sky. You can explore the Universe with family, in the company of friends, with your partner, or alone.

Mundo Natura Pyrenees Astronomical Observatory

Mundo Natura Pyrenees Astronomical Observatory Located in the beautiful setting of the Àneu valleys, in Pallars Sobirà, MónNatura Pirineos is a center that has unique facilities in the Pyrenees that allow visitors to live in the high mountains and discover its attractions, including its sky. From the astronomical observatory you will be able to take a look at the Cosmos of exceptional singularity thanks to the absence of light and atmospheric pollution.

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