Dream of the legends of Catalonia

Dream of the legends of Catalonia

The history of the people and peoples of the planet has been transmitted orally through legends, which are short stories about certain events that could have happened but that have also adopted imaginary, fantastic or mythological elements.

All the peoples of Catalonia have their own legends that, for centuries, have been passed down from generation to generation and are part of our popular imagination. In general, all of them have in common that they are usually stories explained in a brief, simple and fun way.

The legends that have been passed down from generation to generation challenge us, open questions, connect us with our tradition, while constantly questioning its validity.

Catalonia is a land of legends. Some of these stories and the beings that star in them are so deeply rooted that for many they are one more page of the real history of each municipality.

What we will all agree on is that all legends have that magic point that allows us to dream of another reality.

Do we dream together with the legends of Catalonia?

The Witches of the Lluçanès

The Witchcraft in the Lluçanès Witches were primarily women who performed rituals related to nature and fertility, creators of remedies made from…

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The route of the witches of Arnes

1. The house of "Las Brujas de Arnes" The first point of the route is the house where Maria and the Moon live, the protagonists of "The witches of Arnes". This…

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Medieval Route in Monblanc by Sant Jordi

The legend of Saint George and the relationship with Montblanc Montblanc , the capital of the region of Conca de Barbera, is a municipality, par excellence, medieval.…

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Sea route of pirates and legends in Mont-roig del Camp

During the time in the seas and oceans were crossed by pirates, the Mediterranean Sea was no exception, and the coast of Mont-roig either. It is known that in 1558,…

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A tale route, the lands of the minairons

Who are the minairons? The minairons are tiny beings like elves and mischievous nature. They often sport a beard and wear a red beret, although it is said that…

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The legend of Count Arnau

Count Count Arnau or Mataplana Many legends of Count Arnau are located in the town of Gombrèn and their environment. Natural spaces and corners of this population…

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